US Betting Sites

It’s a common misconception that gambling is completely outlawed in the United States but its practise is certainly heavily restricted. To some extent, the laws are being relaxed across the nation with the numbers of US friendly sportsbooks starting to increase but this is still a highly contentious issue.

What Makes Great US Betting Sites?

Any new online sports betting sites in the USA as well as foreign brands able to trade in the US need to address the specific requirements of those citizens who are permitted to gamble. That obviously starts with the sports that US citizens love so they will need to show extensive coverage of American sports like American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey and Baseball as a basic need.

Those sports are becoming more popular all over the world so it pays US online sportsbooks to really concentrate and to offer the best prices and a great choice of markets, particularly in all of the domestic leagues – NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA.

Those that get it right in North America include TopBet and BetOnline who draw a healthy customer base from the US and beyond.

Customers will also want to see wagering odds in the American format but that could potentially be confusing for those outside of the US who are used to seeing either fractional or decimal prices. One way that US online betting sites have approached this is to set American odds as a default and then give an option to switch the format for anyone preferring one of the alternatives.

Beyond those two, rather idiosyncratic requirements, USA friendly bookies just need to address all the usual wagering issues facing any new bookmaker who wants to make their mark in this busy betting industry. New players will demand a decent welcome bonus and, if possible, some ongoing promos while odds must be competitive, not just in those core American sports mentioned above.

The Best US Sportsbook List