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If you bet in the traditional manner – at your PC in the ante post markets, – this can be seen as a little conservative in the modern age. It’s fine to carry on in this way as millions of punters still do it but if you’ve never looked at betting via mobile before, you could be missing out on a number of opportunities.
Mobile betting means getting value at the optimum time so, if you’re debating whether to get involved, here’s what you need to know.

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Choices with Mobile Sports Betting

There are two distinct ways in which a bookmaker can bring their mobile services to you; these can be accessed either by a dedicated mobile site or alternatively, there will be a specific app which you download via the usual channels.

In essence, the two are very similar in what they do and you can bet via both. In general, mobile betting sites might have more information on them while the apps are more condensed but if you are a fan of the cashout facility, you may want to concentrate on the app as some bookies only have it via this option.

All downloads should be free and if you have the room on your phone, the app is certainly the more convenient of the two options. Look to compare them as some have better functionality than others but if you are deciding between the mobile site and the app from a specific bookie, the app will win on most occasions.

Benefits of Mobile Bookmakers

Apps and mobile betting sites are really advantageous if you want to get involved with betting in play. If a game has already started and you want to get the best odds, you are not going to be in front of your PC or laptop all the time so you will need to be able to stake on the go.

But the same principle also applies to ante post betting: If you’re out, maybe in a bar talking to your friends about weekend football prices, having a mobile device handy means that you can take advantage of a good price there and then. If you wait until you get home, that price could have changed, or maybe you could forget about the bet altogether.

At times, betting is all about instinct and if you want to act on that instinct, you need to be fully mobile in order to get the best value from odds and offers.

You may also find that some mobile bookmakers will even give you a promotional offer just for betting via mobile or downloading the app. The deal will come as a free bet token and may be quite small at around £5.00 or £10.00 but in some rare cases, this can climb and some bookies may have a £50 welcome offer for new mobile customers.

Whatever option you choose, it means getting a free bet for very little work on your behalf so all mobile offers are worth looking into.

What to Look for

Whether you are considering a mobile site or a betting app, both should be easy to navigate with clean lines and links that are laid out in a logical format. If you are placing bets on different events or maybe the same event but in different markets, you obviously want to find your options quickly and easily.

Beyond that, the choice is really down to the individual: If betting in play is important to you then you need either an app or a mobile site that covers the same markets as you would find if you were betting on your PC or laptop. As we’ve already mentioned, the cashout feature may be more prevalent in the bookmaker’s app than it is via mobile so if this is vital for the way that you bet, it’s another point to keep in mind.

Mobile betting is vital for a huge section of the betting community who rely on it to get the best possible value when they are just unable to get online via a PC or Laptop. For those of us who just stake the occasional ante post bet without getting connected via iPhone or Android, we may not see the attraction but if this is the case then we are actually missing out.

Betting on the go, whether it’s via a mobile betting site or an app, gives great flexibility and opens up many more options. Additionally, the fact that many online betting sites are offering a dedicated promotion for staking a mobile bet for the first time means that we really have no excuse for not trying it out.

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