Mobile Betting Sites

New technology has made our betting lives so much easier and if used correctly, it can enhance our enjoyment of any sporting event. The internet is a revolution in itself and one that we all tend to take for granted these days but its presence is essential in so many ways.

In more recent times, the advent of mobile betting has been the biggest factor in increasing sportsbook activity. If you bet in the live markets, we might even suggest that it’s essential but mobile phone betting can be important for the ante post markets too.

In this guide, we will walk you through the whole process of mobile betting online in an effort to simplify the procedure. So, if you’ve been unsure over how to go about things, this should answer any questions that you might have related to the best betting apps.

What is Mobile Betting?

The answer to this question is a fairly simple one. Mobile betting is the act of placing a bet using a mobile device. It doesn’t have to be carried out on a mobile phone as a tablet can also be utilised to good effect. Essentially, if you can carry it around, you can bet ‘on the go’.

The process is simple in theory but bettors have to think carefully about who they use in order to carry it out. Firstly, a sportsbook is likely to give you two options for placing a mobile bet: Players can either head to the main sites via a search engine or, they can play using a mobile betting app.

We’ll explain the differences as we work through this article but firstly, we need to choose the right betting sites for our needs.

Recommended Mobile Betting Sites

Mobile betting sites should mirror the functionality of the main website that you would regularly access via your laptop, tablet or static PC. The screen may be smaller but we still need to find our bets as quickly as possible and we want to access all the great promotions and best mobile offers available. Some operators even list deals that are specific to mobile play but at the very least, players should still be able to access the regular promotions and offers that are listed by the operator.

With those points in mind, we can recommend a number of options and they start with some familiar names. Popular sites such as William Hill and Coral may have been established over decades but we find that they have always been quick to embrace new technology. Both bookies tick all the boxes when it comes to functionality and a great all-round service so these are good places to start. Both of those sites also list a great deal of bonus offers which can be used via the app or mobile betting sites.

Elsewhere, 10Bet are one of the online-only bookmakers who always score highly in independent mobile betting reviews. It helps that they are known as one of the best options for in-play betting and, if you are going to be big players in the in-play markets, you need seriously good mobile sites or a mobile betting app to back things up.

Another sportsbook with an active live or in-play betting betting section is 888Sport while Unibet can also be added to the list thanks to their exceptional live streaming service.

All of these should be familiar names to regular bettors and we can also add MansionBet, Betway, SportNation and BetFred to our recommended list. All of those sportsbooks provide great functionality, speedy loading and a fantastic all-round mobile offering.

The Properties of Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Should you download a betting app as opposed to accessing a bookmaker via their mobile sports betting sites? We think the answer to that question is a resounding yes because the app is so much easier to use.

Think about the issue for a second: In order to access a mobile betting site you have to click on Google or Safari, type in the relevant search and head to that site. Every time you want to place a bet you need to do this.

With a mobile app you have to carry out an initial download but once this is on your screen, you can carry out mobile phone betting in a much shorter space of time. One click is all it takes and the bookmaker’s mobile betting site is up and ready to use.

Note that all betting apps should be free and the downloads should be carried out in a matter of seconds. Once installed, you can log in with your regular username and password but you can also register with a site on mobile if you need to.

For ease of use, some mobile sports betting apps put the popular sports of football and horse racing in a prime position. If, however, you need to bet on something else, it’s easy to access an A to Z menu and to find what you require.

There are times when you might prefer to carry out mobile betting online without the app. Perhaps you have an older phone that doesn’t have a lot of memory left and if that’s the case, an app may not be suitable. Alternatively, if you focus on long-term ante post bets, the time factor may not be an issue and in that instance, the bookie’s mobile website may be the better of the two options.

Live Betting and Streaming on Mobile Devices

If you ever take part in live betting markets then this is a time when mobile betting online becomes essential. You may still be able to take advantage of the in-play markets via your laptop or desktop PC but it’s not exactly convenient to do so.

Betting on the go has helped to streamline the way we bet and things are much more simple now. Unless you want to bring your PC into the TV room so you can watch a football match or a golf tournament develop, the mobile betting app is the way to go.

On the subject of watching live sport, mobile betting apps also provide a service that can improve your overall live betting experience. Live streaming can pick up a host of sports from around the world and the coverage can be much wider than anything that the live TV broadcasters can produce.

All of our recommended bookmakers provide a live streaming service and it should be easy to access this once you have signed up for a new account. In most cases, you will only need to have available funds in that account for you to switch on the live stream and watch your preferred event. Potentially, the sportsbook in question may ask that you have placed a bet on that event but this is less common. Check on these terms and conditions if you are thinking of using live streaming as part of your overall mobile betting operation.

Compatibility and Software Requirements

If you are looking to download a betting app to your iPhone or Android mobile device, it’s always recommended that you have the latest software update installed. This will allow all of your apps to function to the optimum levels and to absorb any updates that come along.

If you’re unable to do that for any reason, each operator will have some minimum requirements for their mobile bet apps. If we take Unibet as an example here, they state that you will need to have at least iOS 9 in place if you are going to download their mobile app to your smartphone. For Android Users, the minimum update is set at 4.4.

That’s just one specific example but it’s very typical of what you might find from around the industry. Unibet also state that their sports betting app will take up around 40mbs of storage. Once again, while this is just one operator’s view, it is a typical level from around the mobile betting sites and should be kept in mind if you are unsure over your mobile device’s capacity.

Tips for iPhone and Android Users

The only real difference between Android use and iPhone use comes in the download process. An iPhone should provide you with the quickest and easiest access to an app because the application will be accessible in the apple store. Simply click on that store, type in the name of the sportsbook in question and the correct option should be clearly shown.

From that point, the download process should be self explanatory and the installation process should take less than a minute.

For Android mobile devices, the process may be a little more complex as betting apps aren’t widely available in the store. If you find that this is the case, you will need to head to the operator’s regular mobile betting website and from there, you will see a set of download instructions. In some cases, you can do this on a laptop or a tablet and scan an OCR code which will then set up the app on your phone.

Once you’ve accessed the download point, it should be quick and easy to install the betting app and you will be ready to play in just a couple of minutes or so.

FAQ About the Best Mobile Betting Apps

Should I Use A Mobile Bet App Or The Mobile Sports Betting Sites?

We recommend that your best possible option for mobile betting is to use an app. This is the fastest way to access online betting options and, if you stake in the live markets, we would suggest that an app is essential.

If your mobile device is short of memory then the mobile website may be a better option but in the majority of cases, the mobile bet app is the way to go.

Do I Have To Pay For An App?

You should never have to pay for installing a bookmaker’s mobile sports betting app. We have yet to come across a paid example and we suggest that you avoid it if you are asked for payment. All betting apps should be available free of charge.

Can Apps Be Used For Both Android And iPhone?

In the vast majority of cases, bookmakers will ensure that they make their mobile betting apps available for both Android and iPhone devices. On rare occasions, we have seen that an app is only released for iPhone only but this only tends to be in the case of smaller operators with a tiny customer base.

If you come across that situation, you should still be able to play on the operators’ mobile sites but it is preferable to have an app that can fit all available platforms.

What Are The Minimum System Requirements For A Betting App?

These will differ depending on which operator that you use so remember to check their terms and conditions. As a general rule, you can expect mobile apps to require a minimum of iOS 9 for iPhone and 4.4 for all Android mobile devices.

In all cases, it is recommended that you download the latest software updates as they come in so that you avoid any delay to your mobile betting.

I Only Bet In Ante Post Markets – Do I Still Need A Mobile App?

If you take ante post bets and exclude live betting or in-play betting markets completely then the need for a mobile app is less urgent. However, we would still recommend this if you want to get involved in any form of mobile betting.

Let’s say you’ve gone to a horse racing meeting for the day. There will be lots of onsite bookmakers ready to accept your cash but if you already have money in an online account, you may prefer to use that.

Alternatively, maybe you’re out with friends and someone recommends a bet for the big football match. Having the app installed makes it easy to take advantage. Those are two possible scenarios but there are many others. To summarise, it is not essential to have the mobile app for mobile phone betting but the added convenience is hard to measure so we would recommend this approach for all types of bettors.