Football Betting Sites – The Evolution of Football Betting

How to get Started with Football Betting Sites?

The first step is to find a football betting site that you actually like. We’ve listed some factors that are important and we make some recommendations so, you can either follow those suggestions or you can carry out your own research.

Your betting decision should be made on choice and value. It’s good to see a wide range of sports and lots of available markets within each one. Competitive odds are also important and we like to see those figures lifted by price boosts and other promotions where possible.

Having identified a betting site, the sign up process should be straightforward. The exact procedure will vary but most online betting sites tend to have just three quick and simple forms asking for essential personal information. At the final stage, you get to set a username and password along with account preferences such as your local currency.

Be prepared to verify your identity with a scan of your passport and proof of address. It may not be imperative to do this on sign up but it’s almost certain that this will be asked for ahead of a first withdrawal so it’s good to get it out of the way as early as possible.

Best Betting Sites for Football

Football Betting Markets

Result Betting

If you’re a newcomer to football betting then the easiest place to start is with the result market. Essentially, there are only three possible outcomes with a win for either team or maybe a share of the points so this is definitely the place to start.

Enhancing Your Chances

With any football bet, your chances of landing a profit will be greatly increased if you do plenty of research during a game. Which of the two teams is in form? Does one side have a really good record against the other and are there injuries or suspensions which could weaken either of the two football squads?

These are the types of basic questions you should be asking yourself before you go ahead and add a selection to your betting slip. For a little advanced strategy, you can also follow the many pundits online, and in the printed media to see who has a greater success rate.


Once you become used to online football betting sites, you can look for slight variations on the result. For example, you could bet on the result after 45 minutes and this will need a little extra research to see which teams start a game strongly and which ones are a little slow out of the blocks.

As another alternative, you could go for a variant which is referred to as ‘draw no bet’. Here, the draw is taken out of the equation completely and if the scores are level at the end of the match, your stake will simply be refunded.

With the draw no bet option, odds on a win for either team may be reduced significantly but some professional football gamblers use this system as they believe it can lead to an easy profit over the course of a season.


In many football fixtures, one side will be considerably stronger than the other, particularly in countries such as Spain where a small nucleus of teams – in this case Barcelona and Real Madrid – will dominate their league. This means that the odds on Barcelona to beat one of the lower ranked teams become so short that there’s no point getting involved.

There is a way of increasing these prices however and it’s known as Asian Handicap betting. With this football betting option, you would give the weaker side a notional head start of one goal, two goals, three goals or more and the stronger side – in this case Barcelona – would have to win the football game by a greater margin.

Under the Asian Handicap, odds for a win will increase but not all bookmakers have extensive markets for this so if you do want to get involved, you must choose your provider wisely.

Result betting is easiest way to get on board with online gaming but it remains popular with experienced punters who want to turn a quick and simple profit. You can also go beyond this most simple of methods with a range of options that can either increase or decrease your football betting odds but whatever you choose, remember to do as much research and to look out for some expert opinion.

Correct Score Markets

Football’s correct score market may sound like a dangerous one to get involved with and while it can certainly be an unpredictable area, the potential rewards can be huge. Betting odds for the most common scorelines tend to start at around the 6/1 mark but can increase exponentially to the point where they can land some amazing returns.

The Risk Factor

Certain scorelines can attract odds of 100/1 and even more and you do read stories of the occasional lucky football punter who has scored big profits on the most outrageous results.

Coming back to earth however and for most of us, it’s going to be impossible to land or even want to call that type of scoreline. As an alternative, there are some more predictable profits to be had.

Having a System

Statistics show that the most common result is 2-1 to the team who is perceived as the stronger of the two. This type of result will attract football betting odds at around 7/1 – 8/1 and it may be worth trialling this type of bet if you haven’t entered a correct score market before.

In fact, some online football betting sites account holders will even base a system around this outcome and take a number of 2-1 single bets on any given weekend in the football calendar. Naturally there are no guarantees here so think very carefully before embarking on this type of ‘system’.

Past Performances

In the digital age, it’s easy to do your research and identify any patterns in matches between two sides. For example, a fixture between two particular football teams may have finished 1-1 on four occasions out of the last six and while there are no guarantees once again, that type of stat can influence your thinking and potentially help you to land a profit.

Research on the current season is possibly more important as you’ll need to spot who is in form and scoring heavily over the course of the campaign. The loss of a prolific striker to injury or suspension can also have an impact as that will obviously affect the chances of one team finding the net.

Correct Score at Half Time

Aside from the full time result, the majority of football bookies will allow you to bet on the correct score at half time. This may well be easier to predict as generally, the first 45 minutes of a game is more subdued as the pattern of play is established. Fewer goals come along and the half time scoreline should, in theory at least, be easier to predict.

Overall, perhaps the best way to tackle the correct score market is to treat it as a bit of fun. Maybe you won’t land a regular return but if you have a few pounds spare leading into a sporting weekend, perhaps a small bet on a scoreline at 15/1 or higher can increase your interest in a football match and if it comes in, you’ve scored a very healthy profit.

Football Betting Goal Scorer Markets

Individual goal scorer markets are a popular part of anyone’s football betting strategy and although they can be notoriously tough to predict, they can be very lucrative at the same time. We all have our favourite football players who we like to follow but what bets can you take within these markets and how can you harness your research to help you turn a profit?

First and Last

The first goal scorer and last goal scorer betting always carries the higher risk and therefore the higher prices. In form strikers will carry the lower odds but naturally they will give you more consistent returns.

As an alternative to the main centre forwards, have a look at the football players further down the pitch. Who takes a team’s set pieces – free kicks and, more importantly, penalties? Football players such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal and Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City in the Premier League, are a constant threat from dead ball situations and they will command much higher prices in the goal scorer betting.


The anytime goal scorer market of football betting sites is essentially self explanatory. Here, you can back your chosen player to find the net but their strike can come at any point in the 90 minutes, plus injury time, of the selected match.

He doesn’t have to score either the first or last goal and while odds for this bet are naturally shorter, many football punters prefer this as it is a much safer option. Once again, you could take a prolific centre forward and if they are on form they can provide some regular returns, but don’t forget those outside punts that score more than their fair share over the course of a campaign.


In addition to the single goal markets, it should be possible to bet on many of the players to score twice or three times in a given match. This type of bet isn’t necessarily made available for defenders but top strikers and potent midfield players should always be listed.

Obviously these are going to drop in on rare occasions but a prolific scorer against one of the weaker sides in the football division may stand a good chance of finding the net more than once.

Team Goals Markets

Individual goal scorer markets are always popular among the football betting fraternity but focussing on team goals can also bring its rewards. Team goal bets will generally attract smaller prices and in many cases these can be at an odds on figure but some solid research can help to turn a consistent profit over the course of a season.

The Options

There are a number of different alternatives to consider but the most obvious of these are the total goals markets. These will start at the 0.5 line where one single goal can secure a profit and they can climb, depending on the bookmaker, up to 8.5 and beyond.

Naturally, you won’t receive too much by way of a profit if you bet over the 0.5 line but the more you extend that punt, the better your odds will be. The 2.5 bet is felt to be an average and is certainly the most popular so if you feel that a game will yield at least three goals, this is a good place to start. Don’t forget, you can also back under those individual goal lines.

No bet is safe but this is certainly one area where studying form and stats will give you an edge. Does either football team carry an in form striker, is there a history of goal-laden games between the two sides? Information such as this is readily available across the internet so make use of it and you can give yourself a better chance of beating the odds.

Variations of Team Goals Markets

The examples that we’ve used concentrate on the full time result and the goals scored by both teams will count towards the overall result. However, there are variations on this theme which will be a little more risky, but will increase the football odds and your potential to return a better profit.

For example, you can take the combined teams’ total goals bet and apply this to either half. So, backing over 2.5 can take place in either the first or the second period and the odds will be higher. In addition, you can increase the risk further by betting on how many goals one team will score in 45 or 90 minutes. There are plenty of variants and once again, researching the stats could help you to gain an edge.

Statistics based websites will show if a team is more potent in the first or second half and often, sides don’t start to find the net until the last 45 minutes. Study this type of information and you can definitely help to tip the odds in your favour.

Finally, the both teams to score bet is arguably the most popular of all and it’s a completely self-explanatory betting option. Alternatively, you can bet on either the home or the away team as the only side to find the net.

Study form to aid you and look out too for promotions centred around the team goals market as these appear quite regularly from various betting sites to give you the chance of football enhanced odds or perhaps even free bet, money back specials across this type of punt.

Discipline Markets

As the demand for online betting has increased, so has the number of available markets for anyone wanting to get involved and now there is a range of betting options surrounding red and yellow cards. This is a fun, and certainly interesting set of side bets and it’s one where research can prove a very profitable ally.

Card Happy

The most obvious and popular football bet is to speculate on the amount of yellow cards and on whether one or more reds will be issued in the course of a match, but how can you harness that research to give yourself an advantage?

Statistics will show that certain football referees are far more ‘card happy’ than others and while some officials are happy to overlook a number of tackles and let the game flow, others appear to blow up for every offence, no matter how minor.

There are websites out there that can help you identify who those referees are and that can help the odds in any discipline market to work in your favour as it should increase the likelihood of more yellow cards and a possible red.

Bad Blood

Certain fixtures can also produce more cards than others and this is another area where research can give you a better chance of beating the odds. Local football derby games are a good example of occasions where crowds can be hostile, football players can react to that hostility and in turn, ill feeling can turn into a match where yellow and red cards appear in abundance.

But it doesn’t have to be a local derby, although these are certainly worth looking out for. Sometimes, even the most innocuous looking fixture can display bad blood between the two sides which leads to a rash of indiscipline and a glut of cards which give you a healthy profit. Naturally, there are no guarantees but if there is a bit of ‘history’ between two teams or two individual players, it’s worth considering a bet.

Market Alternatives

On occasions, there can be red card markets that are aimed at one individual player. These will depend on the game involved and it could be restricted to individual bookmakers but it’s worth looking out for.

In addition, discipline markets can be released ahead of a big tournament such as the World Cup or the European Championships. Here, the popular bet involves deciding on which football team will receive the most reds or yellows in the competition.

You can also speculate on who will receive the earliest yellow card in terms of minutes from the first whistle. Once again, all of these betting options can be tricky to predict but a glance at discipline records from previous tournaments can help to give the punter an advantage.

All of these betting options can also be applied to in-play betting and they can certainly be a fun way to enhance your overall sports betting strategy.

For those who are interested in transfer betting, it could be also fun to check out player transfers. Transfer markets get especially busy during the winter and the summer times, when football players switch clubs or retire. These kinds of bets are usually staked on a given player (or manager) moving to a specific club. You should do your own research regarding the transfer window dates as pre-season windows and mid-season windows take place at different times in different countries.

Whatever market you choose, research is vital if you are looking to beat the football bookies and turn a regular profit based on yellow and red cards.

Football Betting Sites FAQs

What are the best Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for Betting Sites?

Bookmakers will offer a choice of payment methods to deposit and withdraw from their sites. Users will have their own personal preferences but there are certain advantages to each one.

Debit cards are preferred by many because they are easy to use and deposits should be instant and free of any fees. The sports betting site will then store the card’s details on their secure system and, when you come to make a fresh deposit or withdrawal, all you need to do is type in the amount and confirm.

E-Wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and PaySafeCard have an extra level of security added. If you use one of these banking payment options, your online sportsbook will not store your bank details and this is preferable for many customers. With those four names, deposits should also be instant and free of fees. For smaller eWallets, there could be charges so be certain to check on this point no matter which funding method you decide on.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the use of cryptocurrency: More and more sports betting sites are now accepting the likes of Bitcoin and Litecoin. This is useful for some players but the blockchain remains a mystery for many.

How to Place a Bet?

The actual process of making a sports bet is very simple. Once again, the actual practise will vary depending on which betting site you play with but they are all very similar. Firstly, you need to find the bet and the odds that you actually want to stake on so, find the sport from the list at the side of the page and this will, in turn, lead you to the event.

Sets of odds will be shown next to each available bet. You click on the odds that you like and a virtual betslip will open – usually at the top right hand corner of the page. There will be a box where you then type in the amount that you want to stake and then you simply press a confirmation button.

As we all know, sports betting isn’t always about the straight win and you will have an option to amend the bet to a place or an each way pick if applicable. Similarly, it will be possible to add extra selections to create a straight line multiple or a formula such as a Lucky 15, a Trixie or a Heinz.

Why use Online Football Betting Sites?

It’s still possible to place a bet in person or via the telephone in many parts of the world so why would it be advantageous to use an online betting site? The answers come in many forms but in our opinion, it’s all about speed, flexibility and convenience.

If you decide to place a bet at a physical betting shop, you have to travel and even if it’s only a short distance, there is a certain time scale involved.

It is quicker to pick up the telephone but once again, this method just cannot match the instant nature of the internet. Speed and convenience are, therefore, the main reasons why you would choose to bet online.

There are other benefits and online football betting simply gives you a wider choice of gambling operators. There are many sports betting sites who trade online that don’t have a telephone service or a physical betting shop.

Other plus points include the potential for better offers and promotions so, as an all-round package, many would agree that online football betting is the best approach.

Are Winnings at Betting Sites Tax Free?

On a global basis, this answer to this question depends on which country you are based in. For customers in the United Kingdom, we can be more specific and meet this with a definite ‘yes’.

As of 2020, any winnings that you receive from sports betting sites will not be subject to tax. In the distant past, profits have been taxable so we cannot guarantee that this will be the case indefinitely. However, tax free sports betting winnings have been in place in the United Kingdom for many years and there are no signs that the situation will change any time soon.

Which Football Leagues and Tournaments Should I Choose for Betting Online?

There is no definitive answer to this question and in reality, it’s all about your personal preference. Many punters feel more comfortable sports betting on the big divisions such as the English Premier League, Serie A or La Liga. The reason for this tends to be because we are more familiar with the teams and the players that are involved.

We feel that we know those players and sides extremely well and, in addition, statistics relating to form and individual player performances are more readily available. By that same principle, those football bettors will look towards the major knockout competitions such as the English FA Cup or the Copa Del Rey.

There are, however, a group of bettors who feel that the best value from a football betting perspective will lie elsewhere. There’s never been a wider coverage of football among the betting sites and that means that you can delve down and take in non league soccer from England along with other minor fixtures from the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond.

We may not know so much about these lower ranked divisions but the theory is that the betting sites are a little ignorant too. Those who like to bet this far down feel that there is more value among odds and while non league matches may only feature result betting, regular returns may await.

The best way forward is to test out both approaches for yourself. You may want to start with the big football leagues, like the English Premier League, if you feel more confident with them but in time, you might agree that the better value lies in the smaller divisions.

Is Betting Online Legal in the United Kingdom?

The general answer to this question is yes – betting is legal in the United Kingdom but it comes with certain restrictions. The most obvious of these relates to age and you will not be allowed to undertake sports betting, either online, by telephone or in a physical betting shop unless you are at least 18 years of age.

You should also make sure that the betting site you use is licensed and regulated to operate in the United Kingdom. Unlicensed betting is certainly illegal and you shouldn’t knowingly enter into a bet contract with any betting site who is banned or suspended from trading in Great Britain. We’ll show you how to spot regulated sites in the next section.

In summary, it is perfectly legal to bet in the United Kingdom as long as you follow those simple rules mentioned above.

Which Betting Sites Should be Avoided?

While we wouldn’t mention any specific names, some betting sites will always stand out above others when it comes to football betting. The first gambling sites to avoid are those that aren’t regulated or accessible from your country so we need to check on their credentials in terms of licensing and regulation.

If you are betting from within Great Britain, the online betting sites should confirm that they are licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. In general, this information can usually be found at the bottom of the given homepage so scroll down to the text at the end. Confirmation of this point, together with a UK-GC number, should be clearly laid out.

Another point to note concerns odds. If a football betting site is continually out of step with the rest of the industry, quoting 2/1 when everyone else is at 3/1, you will want to avoid them too. We all want value for our money when we’re online and that same principle applies to sports betting as well.

Those are the two criteria that we would rely on when it comes to avoiding certain betting sites. To look at things more positively, you can keep coming back to our site because all of the betting sites that we refer to are recommended selections and we feel certain that you will be happy playing with them.

The Evolution of Football Betting

In recent times, football has overtaken horse racing to become the most popular sport as far as gambling is concerned. But how has a sport with such humble beginnings with regards to betting come to be number one on the list?

As football began to grow through the 19th century, there were opportunities for betting on the games but many of the outlets were unlicensed and difficult to track down. Over time however, high street bookmakers became commonplace across the United Kingdom and it became much easier to place a bet ahead of a game.

Into the Grounds

At the football ground itself, there were bookmakers present at the games but the real boom in football betting came in the 1980’s.

With grounds setting aside areas for hospitality suites, major bookmakers saw an opportunity to hire these units while at the same time increasing their presence in all parts of the stadium itself. Suddenly, it seemed that football bookmakers were everywhere and they became far more accessible to the football fans in the stadium itself.

Digital Revolution

However, the major factor in football taking over from horse racing in terms of popularity has been the arrival and massive growth of the internet. At the time, many would be gamblers were still a little uneasy at the prospect of having to use a betting shop and despite these outlets best efforts, there was still a reluctance to use them.

All of a sudden, the internet and online betting meant that you could place a bet through new betting sites without even having to leave your home and as the network grew, an extensive selection of sports bookmakers became available. Over the years, new outlets have arrived and that has only added to the popularity of football as a betting sport.

Increasing Markets

The type of bets available had grown as well and whereas in the past, you could only speculate on a limited number of outcomes, suddenly you could bet on virtually any aspect of a football match. From the result itself, to the correct score and first goal scorer, you could now bet on the number of corners in a match and the number of red and yellow cards.

Bookmakers became more creative and began to develop a wide range of incentives to get you betting. Firstly, there was the free bet offer that enticed you to become a customer in the first place and then they introduced quirky bets where, for example, they would refund your money if a certain player scored.

The biggest development in recent years concerns betting in play where you can actually stake your money after a game has kicked off. Betting in play is great fun and it really tests your skill as an analyst to decide just how a game is developing. With this innovation, you can bet on the result, the time of the next goal, the next goal scorer and a whole host of other wagers at the same time.

The history of betting has evolved dramatically but in the last fifteen years it has exploded and from this point, it can only continue to grow. The question is, what new innovations will be introduced over the course of the next decade.