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New Betting Sites

The Guide to the New Online Betting Sites

While browsing the countless online bookmakers one quickly comes to the question how to find the top online bookies? If you are relatively new to online gambling this guide will help you filter the top sites by the most common considerations as well as will provide you with tips on which attributes to search for when looking for the best experience. Alternatively you can just take the results of our testing and pick a trusted brand from our toplist.

What to watch for when looking for the latest sports betting sites? Based on our own experiences we made up a list of the most important aspects when it comes to selecting the best online bookmakers. In order of importance these considerations are as follows:

Features of New Sport Betting Sites

Based upon the considerations listed above here’s a pre-selected handful of the very best providers in online sports wagering that meet all possible requirements. The brands in this chart are by all means safe to recommend as they are widely recognized as providing the best overall service across the industry. Needless to say, being the top bookies they all excel with regards to all the mentioned criteria. Differences are really that small in this league that it would be a shame to discriminate them and pick a single absolute best online sportsbook. Besides you may need more than one account and this way you still have your options. More detailed info and bonus details on each operator can be found in their respective reviews.

1. Best Odds Offered

If you are serious about betting you can’t neglect the price differences between different providers. As we are talking about top online providers that compete on prices, one might think there is no variance in odds offered, but you might be very well surprised about that. Sure you won’t find a huge difference in their offers, however there is still some and it is your best interest to constantly monitor them. It is definitely worth to keep your eyes open, especially if you bet regularly or with higher stakes. On the long run those little differences can add up faster than you might think and you can save a considerable amount of money just by watchfully selecting your bookie. Don’t leave money on the table! Some bettors even have player accounts and funds with more bookmakers at the same time and place each individual bet where the best odds is offered for that particular bet. Once again, odds comparison services come handy here to determine if there is a better offer for any specific event. The best new betting sites are known to offer better odds on certain sports or leagues, while others regularly outbid them in other markets. Generally speaking betting exchange Betfair, and traditional bookmakers Pinnacle Sports and bet365 are regarded as having the best odds around.

Top sites also offer special enhanced odds (aka. price boosts) for certain events that have bigger interest such as some Premier League games or a Champions League game. These are significantly better odds than others on the market. Don’t get confused however as enhanced odds are generally one-time offers for new players only and for this reason they can be regarded as a variation of the incentive bonuses discussed in the next paragraph. Winner Sports, betway and Ladbrokes are the major bookies offering enhanced odds.

2. Markets Offered

Money is not all that matters, right? It’s time to look for some other factors as well, especially these days when user experience proves to be just as important as profitability. Nowadays you can bet on almost anything, from basic sports wagering to elections, reality shows or financial bets. The sports selection is as wide as ever, often ranging from the Super Bowl to minor country football leagues right from the other side of the World. If you are planning to make bets on less common markets it is certainly a good idea to check if your preferred bookmakers have that market in their offerings. Again, the above listed brands are perfect choices from this aspect as well, as they are all major operators and offer a huge selection with regards to markets and events.

3. Website Usability

This one might be subjective and really depends on your taste but it is good to place your bets with the least hassle possible, using the simplest procedure. It can become annoying to browse around for a minute or so before being able to submit your bet, especially when you already know what wager you would like to make. So if you can find your markets quickly and can select your picks without clicking around too much, that can feel like a victory on its own. Also, the bet slip – where you manage your wagers – should be easy to handle and overview at any time. The criteria of a great betting slip are simple: Youa are able to easily set and submit your selections, along with additional bets and combo bets when needed, all with their different stakes. So have a look around and familiarize yourself with various bookmaker interfaces before registering!

4. Customer Support

Customer care is one of the important factors when considering a bookmaker. If you are around for some time you probably know why. If not, believe me that dealing with the right person can mean the difference between fun and frustration. A good support quickly and easily resolves all possibly arising questions, like crediting free bet tokens to your account or approving a withdrawal. So ideally support staff are friendly, helpful and competent. But unfortunately many lesser-known operators do not pay attention to this part of their business. In those cases useless people are sitting on the other side of the line, meaning they hardly even speak the language, have no clue about online gambling or are simply just unmotivated and careless. Oftentimes they just copy and paste some answer templates and don’t bother any more. This is not something you want to encounter so I would propose you to either test them for yourself or choose one of the top brands listed in our chart, as they are all tested and proven to be effective and fast. A common feature of the best betting sites is that they are very keen on that they provide a top-notch assistance to their players in any given moment. For this reason they offer live chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in more languages.

5. Banking Options

Most importantly you need to be aware which payment option you would like to use and then check if it’s available at the actual bookmaker. This is important to avoid eventual unpleasant surprises when withdrawing your winnings, as quite often withdrawal options are more limited compared to deposit options. This may result in being unable to withdraw your funds using the same method as when depositing. So be smart and plan your retreat in advance. Best online sportsbooks all have a wide variety of options to choose from, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Again, you will not have any problems with the brands recommended on this page as they offer all thinkable options available. You can also check the bookmaker reviews to make sure your prospect accepts your preferred payment processor.

6. Live Betting

It is the possibility to place bets on sports events that are already running. The best sports betting sites all offer in-play bets. Major events, like football or tennis matches that are often televised are regularly offered by new betting sites for live betting. Live bets are ideal for those who love the thrill of following sports on TV in real time. Other players may just want to take advantage of the ever changing odds and get better prices than those offered before the start of the match. I personally like this kind of wagering because often I have no idea about a game’s outcome but after taking a look at the game on TV sometimes my intuition starts telling me things and I can make great bets. Actually some of my greatest bets that I’m most proud of and earned me the most money were made this way. Usually live markets are accessible from the top right position of a betting website, just above or below the betting slip. If you find in-play betting is your thing make sure that your bookie regularly offers live betting on the matches that you are interested in!

7. Trust

Trust in any company is built up over time and by personal experience and this is another potential issue for any new bookie. It’s easy to look at an established brand in the betting industry, one that may have been around for many decades and you feel that you can trust them simply because they are so familiar.

For a brand new sportsbook however, that longevity clearly isn’t going to appear overnight but there are ways in which they can gain your trust and one of these is by being open and transparent. All new brands should publish details of their licence on their home page and then, they can go into more details and provide contact details via an About Us link. By doing this, they confirm that they have nothing to hide and that will build trust up at an initial level.

You can also look for trusted reviews for new betting websites as and when they appear.

Early Benefits of New Online Betting Sites

So, there are definite issues for any new UK betting site to negotiate but there are positives too and it can certainly pay to be on their customer records from an early point. Firstly, there is a buzz around a new online betting site as they are picked up by the industry press and their arrival is announced to the world.

The early days can see the bookmaker engage very extensively with their new players as they aim to encourage them to remain active on the site. Expect to receive a number of e-mails and text messages, particularly if this is the type of sportsbook that looks to send regular offers to their customer base.

Social media can be very active too so if you just want some entertainment then it’s a good time to check in to Facebook and Twitter and to find out all the latest news from your sportsbook.

Ticking All the Boxes

Aside from the issues that may be specific to a new bet site, there are other factors that are important and could just give any operator the edge over the competition. A good set of customer service options could swing some business in your favour and in particular, players like to have the live chat customer service operators on hand 24/7, 365 days a year. If it’s quick and effective then the bookie will definitely score some points.

In addition, many players would like to see a better selection of payment options than the established brands currently offer. As a bare minimum, any new sports betting site should provide debit cards plus Skrill and Neteller but by opening this list up to include some of the lesser known eWallets, they can catch an additional customer base.

It’s not easy making a mark in the industry: operators can also make themselves known by taking on sponsorship deals with professional sports teams and events but they need substance in their offerings to make us sign up and stay with them.

Above all, we want value in terms of promotions and with the odds on each event. It may not be so simple to make their voices heard but as long as the new sportsbooks offer that value, they should thrive in this crowded environment.

Some More Basics we Need to Cover Yet

The most essential requirement towards the best bookies is being a reputable company with a flawless history. Companies featured on this page are expressly of this kind, so you don’t really have to pay attention to this one with us. But what you must make sure is that your prospect is accepting players from your country of residence as – needless to say- this is an absolute must!

So that’s all about new betting sites. To sum it up, choose from the list above and you can guarantee yourself a premium experience with online gambling.