Skrill Bookmakers

If you bet online and have ever used an eWallet facility, then you will certainly have some knowledge of Skrill. Previously known as MoneyBookers, this is one of the most common payment methods of its type and one that is widely used by operators across the net.

With Paypal’s restrictions on online gaming, many bookmakers rely on Skrill to widen their customer base but what are the important points that you need to know if you intend to use it?

Skrill Bookmakers List

You can find below an extensive directory of Skrill betting sites, bookmakers with Skrill as a deposit or withdrawal option in the cashier. Just pick one of them and you are guaranteed to be able to use your favourite online banking method.

Skrill Sign-Up Bonus Offers

A Skrill sign-up bonus is when bookmakers that accept Skrill also offer a welcome bonus for deposits made by this payment method. Sometimes such a special bonus can be of better value than the regular welcome offer. This is due to lower processing costs for the betting sites when handling virtual payments compared to credit card processing fees.

It’s important to note that a number of bookmakers’ promotions, particularly those that involve a welcome bonus, will not be available if you deposit via Skrill or any other eWallet. This is almost certainly down to the fact that charges will be made to the bookie and they are reluctant to lose any money over and above that welcome deal.

Usually, the specific rules relating to this will be very prominently shown in any terms and conditions relating to the deal itself but if you are in any doubt, you should ask a customer services operator.

In addition, you may well find that there are minimum and maximum withdrawal limits when it comes these bookmakers and on very rare occasions, an operator may place a charge for those who wish to use this facility. Once again, do check with bookmakers and ask customer services if you need any further clarification.

How Skrill Works?

If you’ve ever used Paypal, Neteller or any other form of eWallet then you will be very familiar with the process by which Skrill carries out its business.

First you need to set up an and create an account and this takes just a few minutes to put in some basic details but expect to provide some form of identity such as a passport or official driving license.

You can then add funds to your betting account via a number of methods. Bank transfers are typical but in the gaming industry, it’s very common to withdraw funds or pay for services via your Skrill account.

The company will then hold your account funds in place and this is done in a secure manner. Full details of Skrill’s security can be found on their website. Charges are made at both points so you will pay a small percentage whenever you receive a payment or make a withdrawal so once again, do check to see what rates apply at a specific time.

Skrill also issue a prepaid card subject to eligibility so you can withdraw cash or pay for services in the same way that you would with a debit card. Once again, be sure to check the applicable charges.

History of Skrill

Skrill was originally set up under its previous name of MoneyBookers in 2001 with a view to providing flexible and low cost international transfers. Growth was steady from that point onwards but real developments started to happen when MoneyBookers was purchased by the InvestCorp Group in 2007 for a figure believed to be in the region of 105 Million Euros.

The next significant move came in 2011, when the parent company announced that MoneyBookers would be rebranded and henceforth known as Skrill. By that stage, the provider had been named as the fastest growing private equity firm in the whole of the United Kingdom.

In the present day, Skrill provides a lot of financial services but it owes a lot of its success to the betting industry where customers of Skrill betting sites have such a flexible way of depositing to and withdrawing from their playing accounts.

The more flexibility that an operator can give us in terms of funding the better, and that’s why many are quick to use Skrill wherever possible. For the customer, it gives greater flexibility if you don’t want to keep using a debit card and for the bookmaker themselves, having the payment provider on your roster simply opens up a much wider and more diverse customer base.

Skrill Betting Sites FAQs

How to Create and Verify your Skrill Account?

There are a few steps involved when it comes to creating a Skrill account but the process is still very straightforward. In the first instance, you simply head to the main page and click on the sign up button. You’ll now be asked to fill in an email address and choose a password.

On the next page, your name and date of birth will be requested. Fill those in and then choose your country and currency. A follow up form asks for your name and address and telephone number. Agree to the terms and conditions and that step is done.

You will need to verify that email address but essentially, that’s all you need to do to open a Skrill account.

How to Bet using Skrill?

The first point to address is whether or not your chosen sportsbook accepts Skrill as a method of funding. This should be clearly shown on the website but if there is any confusion, just fire over a question to customer services.

Having established this point, you can bet in a choice of ways. We’ll discuss the exact method for deposits in the next section but for most Skrill users, it will be a case of transferring funds directly into their bookmaker’s account. The second option involves plastic: Skrill also offer their customers a prepaid debit card and this can be used in the same way as any bank card. Add the funds and you can then bet with Skrill.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals Using Skrill?

The exact method will vary slightly, depending on the bookmaker in question but all of the processes will be very similar. For deposits, you will firstly need to find the correct section of the website – usually there will be a prominent button at the top right of the homepage marked ‘deposit’ or ‘cashier’.

Click on this button and the cashier will guide you through what should be a simple process. For most Skrill customers, this will involve typing in their account number and linking that account to their bookmaker. Having done this, it’s a simple case of typing in the amount that you want to deposit and then clicking the confirm button. Your bookmaker will then store your account details for future use.

The process for withdrawals is similar but please note that you will have had to have made a Skrill deposit before withdrawing to the same account. Keep this in mind and then you can simply type in the amount that you want to withdraw and click confirm.

There is a second option: We mentioned that Skrill offer a prepaid debit card to customers. There is a small charge to activate the account and further fees for cash withdrawals at an ATM but in terms of online transactions, you can use it just like any other VISA or Mastercard.

Head to the cashier again, choose debit card as your funding option and type in the relevant numbers. Once again, the sportsbook will store those details, ready for future use.

What are the Skrill Withdrawal Limits and Fees?

The main Skrill website is very user friendly and there is an entire section where they lay out their fees in full. Firstly, you should note that there is no charge to deposit funds into your account and this type of transaction is completely free.

Therefore, the first charge to take note of comes with withdrawals. Skrill will charge for transferring funds into your bank account and, as of February 2020, this fee stood at £4.64.

Skrill will not actually make a charge for transferring money into your bookmaker’s account. You should, however, check that the sportsbook in question does not apply a fee for Skrill payments.

In terms of limits, the minimum amount that you can withdraw is £10.00 and the maximum currently stands at £10,000. Once again, all of this information can be found on the Skrill website.

Which Countries are Skrill Restricted in?

The majority of countries around the world will accept Skrill and there are just a few where it is not accepted. These are referred to as ‘non serviced countries’ and a full list can be found on the Skrill website.

These include, in no particular order, Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, Reunion, Samoa, Greenland, Togo and Iran. In general, these are countries that ban or heavily regulate online gambling and for that reason, Skrill would have little in the way of market share.

Happily, they are widely accepted in most countries and regions, including the United Kingdom.

How are Credit / Debit Cards used with Skrill?

Debit and credit cards are mainly used for depositing funds into your Skrill account. In order to add money to your bookmaker’s account, you will need money in Skrill and while we hope to withdraw some profits further down the line, it all starts with that initial deposit.

When your Skrill account is opened and confirmed, you can link all of your financial information to it. This will include details of your bank account plus the numbers of any debit or credit cards that you own and want to use. When you’re ready, simply go to the deposit button, select your preferred card and type in the amount that you want to deposit. That is how debit and credit cards are used in regards to making deposits with Skrill.

You can also withdraw to your card using the available funds contained in your bookmaker’s account. Most players will tend to carry this out via a bank transfer but the option is there for those who prefer it.

Lastly in this section, there is that option to have a prepaid debit card that links directly to your Skrill account. There is no charge for using this as a traditional debit card and you simply link it to your sportsbook for future deposits and withdrawals for betting.

What Currencies can be used when Betting with Skrill?

At the start of 2020, Skrill was able to accept a total of 15 currencies from around the world. As you’d expect, the major payment options are here so the list will generally start with US Dollars, GB Pound Sterling and Euros.

The remaining available currencies at the time of writing are DKK, RON, CZK, HUF, PLN, SEK, CAN, SGD, CHF, NZD, BGN, AUD and NOK.

Once again, there is the possibility for this list to be amended but it is correct as of early 2020.

How Safe and Secure are Skrill Betting Sites?

We’ve touched on the security element in an earlier section. By not sharing your financial details with the bookmaker, you have that added layer of protection but what about the Skrill site itself?

When we research deeper into this question, we find some interesting points that suggest that Skrill might just be the safest eWallet online. Firstly, there is quite an extensive verification procedure and while some customers might consider this to be a lengthy process, it’s there for your protection.

It’s also worth noting that the company is registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and it is listed on the country’s stock exchange. On a wider level, Skrill also has a European e-Money license. All of these are solid endorsements that back up the operator’s credentials.

In terms of the site itself, there is 128 Bit Encryption: For those that aren’t too familiar with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and how it works, it’s sufficient to know that this is an improvement on much of the competition.

There is also two layer authentication so, when you sign up to the account for the first time or you’re logging in with a new device, you can expect to enter a security code which will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone.

All of this is very impressive when we compare the information to Skrill’s competition. Safety is a prime issue at this eWallet provider and while we won’t all understand the process behind it, we can be assured of their efforts in keeping us safe and secure when accessing their site.

Pros and Cons of Skrill Betting Sites

Like all payment methods, Skrill comes with some big advantages but there may be some downsides too. With that in mind, let’s quickly run through the pros and cons of this operator.

For many who use Skrill, one of the key benefits lies in that added security element. The website has its own secure set up but the fact that your bank details are not shared with the bookmaker when you deposit and withdraw is a definite plus.

There is also the element of added safety provided by the site and we’ve underlined this in a previous section.

Customers will also find that the fees involved are more competitive than the majority of eWallets. This is another reason why some bookmakers favour this payment option over many of the smaller competitors that are out there.

Another point to note is that Skrill is more widely accepted as a payment method than the majority of eWallets. In fact, most bookmakers take Skrill, along with Neteller, as their first payment providers and within the online betting industry, Skrill payments are even more widely used than PayPal.

When it comes to downsides, there are fewer points to list but there are some things to bear in mind. Firstly, if bookmakers are listing an offer or promotion, they may well exclude Skrill deposits in their terms and conditions. So, for example, if there is a welcome bonus up for grabs, you should look to add funds using a bank card while avoiding Skrill, and all other eWallets.

There is also the question of fees. We’ve mentioned that deposits are free and any fees that do apply are very competitive when it comes to other, similar eWallets. There is, however, that £4.64 charge for making withdrawals: If, for example, you were to use a bank transfer or bank card to make that withdrawal, the likelihood is that it would be free.

As with most things, there are pros and cons but overall, there are many benefits of Skrill and that’s why it’s the preferred method for many members of the online betting community.