Paypal Betting Sites

As a funding provider, PayPal is the most popular eWallet facility in the world right now and it is linked to millions of retailers across the globe. The ability to pay in just a few clicks without having to input card details really speeds the process up and makes this the first choice online payment method for many of us in the present day.

That certainly applies to online gambling as well, so PayPal betting sites definitely have an advantage over the rest of betting operators.

The company has certain restrictions in terms of online gambling but many of the more established online bookmakers do have an arrangement with PayPal and that’s a real benefit when you consider how big the corporation is.

List of PayPal Betting Sites

How PayPal Betting Sites Work

You can upload funds into your PayPal account via your bank account and you can also accept payment for goods or services. Many of their customers choose to sell unwanted items on sites such as eBay and subsequent funds on those sales go into PayPal.

Those funds are then held securely by PayPal in the same way as they would be with your bank. From there, you can then pay for any goods or services yourself and if your chosen bookie is in fact one of the PayPal bookmakers, you can deposit to or make a withdrawal from that sportsbook account via PayPal.

Points to Note


One of the real benefits of PayPal betting sites is that unlike with some other eWallet providers, there is no charge to actually send money to your PayPal account.

So, if you are funding a sportsbook account then it should be free for you to send and you will not therefore be penalised for money going out.

However, you should always check with that betting site to make sure there isn’t a charge and if this is unclear, run your query past a customer services operator.

There are charges for you to receive money, other than for gifts, and these are subject to change so check with the operator on any given date.


It is also possible for certain betting sites to exclude PayPal funding from any promotion, particularly welcome bonuses. That means that if you fund a new account via PayPal, you may not receive that welcome offer so in this case, it would be safer to use a debit card, than to use PayPal.

Moving on through the life of your account, it will be safe, secure and flexible to use PayPal for any deposits or withdrawals.

As part of PayPal’s overall facilities, they have also issued an access card which allows you to pay for items, including bookmaker deposits, as you would with a debit card. Overall, there is great flexibility here and that’s one of the reasons why PayPal is widely considered to be the most popular of all the eWallet providers.

History of PayPal

PayPal was originally established back in 1998 when it was known as Confinity. Back then it was set up to implement security on hand held devices but a year later it was renamed and undertook to take advantage of the growth of the internet and the rise in online transactions.

After its initial public offering (IPO) in 2002, PayPal was acquired by eBay. The two companies had worked alongside each other extensively with one providing payment services for the auction site and for many this was a logical development.

That development continued and by 2010 it was reported that over 100 Million active users in 190 countries managed their payments via PayPal right across the world. Acquisitions and software improvements continued to follow and in 2015, the company revenue was declared at $9.24 Billion USD.

PayPal Betting Sites FAQs:

PayPal may be the world’s most popular eWallet but how much do we understand when it comes to betting with PayPal? Firstly, do all operators accept PayPal as a means of payment option and if so, how does the process work?

There are many aspects to using PayPal for online gambling and this comprehensive guide is intended to walk you through each and every step.

Can I use PayPal as a Payment Method on Betting Sites?

There is no definitive answer to this question because PayPal is available at some betting sites but not at others. It’s a case of looking at each sportsbook individually, checking their deposit and withdrawal information and identifying whether or not PayPal is listed.

A typical PayPal betting site is likely to be a long-established name within the industry. The eWallet is quite fussy as to who it will work with in the online gambling sphere so not every operator will be able to offer this as a form of deposit and withdrawal.

To illustrate this point further, the list of confirmed PayPal betting sites includes the likes of BetFred, Coral, Ladbrokes, William Hill, 888Sport, Betway and Unibet.

The other type of site involves betting operators that may be better known as casino providers. Originally, these companies were set up with a focus on card games, roulette and slots but they set up a sportsbook and subsequently were added to the list of PayPal bookmakers. Within this category are 32Red and MansionBet.

Make sure to remember, this isn’t an exhaustive list and there will be other PayPal betting sites that you can use. To check this point, scroll down to the bottom of the betting sites’ homepage as the funding options are normally listed here. Alternatively, the bookie in question may well have a dedicated page that runs you through its payment option facilities but if you are in any doubt, you should fire over a question to customer services who provide help for new customers.

How to use PayPal to Withdraw or Deposit Money on an Online Bookmaker?

Using PayPal to add or withdraw funds is really very simple but you’ll firstly need an account. Many of us already have PayPal at our disposal but if you are one of the few who have yet to register, the process is a straightforward one.

Naturally this will start by asking essential personal details including your name, age and date of birth. Confirmation of your email will also be required so that PayPal can communicate with you.

After that, you will need to add financial details so you should add your preferred bank account plus a debit card. PayPal will verify those details before securely storing them under your new account.

Now you’re ready to head over to your bookmaker and start using PayPal as a means of funding and once again, the process is a simple one. The exact procedure will vary depending on which bookie you’re actually playing with but firstly, click on the button marked ‘deposit’ or ‘cashier’.

The website will guide you through the specific process but it’s likely that you’ll need to click on the PayPal button first. The site will then link to the eWallet and you simply type in the amount that you wish to add to your sportsbook account.

Please note that with the majority of online bookmakers, it’s almost certain that you will have to deposit with PayPal before you can make a withdrawal to this particular eWallet. It’s really just standard procedure but once you have added funds in this way, taking money out again is very simple indeed.

Once again, it’s a case of heading for the cashier but this time you hit the withdraw button. If your PayPal account has previously been used for a deposit then you can select this method and from that point it’s simply a case of choosing the amount you need to withdraw and hitting the confirm button.

Are there fees Associated with Using PayPal at Online Betting Sites?

Once again, there is no single answer to this question but in general, you should not be required to pay any fees when you deposit or withdraw using PayPal betting sites. In terms of deposits, the answer should be an overwhelming ‘no’ but there might just be occasions where there are small fees charged for withdrawals.

Those fees will usually be applied to a credit card and this is a topic that has been in the news recently. It would appear that the UK government is about to phase out the use of credit cards for sports betting in 2020 so we would suggest avoiding these anyway.

PayPal will also charge a small fee for certain debit cards and in all instances, we’re talking about something in the region of 3%. In summary, it’s unlikely that you will be asked to pay a fee when using PayPal bookmakers but that small charge may apply to certain debit or credit cards.

As before, if there is any doubt then you can contact customer services at PayPal or you can use the help facilities at your chosen sportsbook.

What are the Transaction Speeds when Betting with PayPal?

In regards to making a deposit, you can expect all transactions to be instant. As soon as you hit the confirm button and the money leaves your PayPal account, you can hit refresh at your website and your balance should have been updated.

Withdrawals work in a slightly different way and this is another area where the answers will differ depending on which of the PayPal betting sites you are using. In short, it’s unlikely that the PayPal transaction will be instant but it should take somewhere between 24 and 48 hours. It’s a relatively short space of time and the operator in question will attempt to credit your PayPal account even sooner.

Is PayPal a safe Payment Option for Sports Betting and Online Betting Sites?

One of the benefits of using a PayPal enabling betting site is the fact that your bank and debit card details are not shared with the operator. Therefore, if you use PayPal for all your funding, your financial information is never going to be stored with the bookmakers. Betting operators should have their own security systems in place but it’s reassuring to know that your details are stored with as few websites as possible.

Overall, to use PayPal is considered to be the safest payment option of all for anyone looking to bet on sports online. The exact details of the system are quite technical and if you want to analyse every last bit of information, you can find this on the PayPal website. For the purposes of this review, we’ll simply say that PayPal deploy six levels of security to keep your details safe whenever you carry out an online transaction.

There is also the question of experience. Many eWallets are new while PayPal first began trading in 1998. That longevity helps to build trust and it all adds up to an impressive, overall security package.

The Pros and Cons of Using PayPal for Online Betting

We’ve talked about PayPal betting and underlined its benefits while highlighting the small downsides that come along too. To close off this review of PayPal betting sites, here is a summary of those key points.


  • Betting with a PayPal account is very quick and it is easy to use PayPal’s service. If you already have an account with this eWallet then you may find that this is the most convenient deposit method to add funds to and withdraw from your sports betting account.
  • PayPal betting is very safe and secure. When you use PayPal for deposits and withdrawals, your financial information is not shared with the PayPal betting site. Added to that are six levels of security which create a secure barrier around your personal details.
  • PayPal is an established brand. The company has been in existence for over 20 years now and first started trading in 1998.
  • There may be higher withdrawal and deposit limits. This isn’t a guaranteed element but you may find with some PayPal betting sites that they allow you to add and withdraw more funds in a single transaction than you could via other eWallets.


  • Some debit cards may carry a small fee. In general, all transactions using PayPal for betting will be free but on isolated occasions you may have to pay around 3% for withdrawals.
  • Withdrawals are unlikely to be instant. Once again, this is a small frustration and many other withdrawal methods will not allow your funds to hit your account immediately. If you are betting with PayPal bookmakers, be prepared to wait up to 48 hours for your money.
  • Not all bookmaker promotions allow PayPal as a means of funding: This is an important point and you will need to refer to the specific terms and conditions of an offer for clarification. This generally applies to welcome offers or free bets where the bookie will specify that the opening deposit must be made with a card. The betting rules should be clearly laid out in those ts and cs but you can always check with customer services of the betting sites if you are unsure.

Betting Sites with PayPal

With so much money flowing through the company and so many active users across the planet, it’s clear that all online betting sites would like to have an arrangement with PayPal if at all possible.

Access is, however, only granted to a chosen few and it’s mainly the established betting sites brands such as Coral, Ladbrokes, bet365, BetFred, William Hill and similar organisations who make PayPal payment available.


The advantage to the betting operator is obvious as it opens them up to a huge customer base in certain countries while the account holder has the flexibility to deposit and withdraw to PayPal betting sites using the biggest eWallet provider in the world.