Acca Betting

Whenever a new bettor signs up with a sportsbook, it’s advisable to keep things simple. Taking single bets on outright winners or, possibly, each way punts is the way to go when you’re learning the ropes. Many experienced punters continue to carry out this practise – preferring to just focus on one horse, one individual sports person or one team.

There may, however, come a time when you want to look at something else. Acca – or accumulator betting – is one way to move your journey forward but what is it all about? If you’ve ever asked the question what is an acca bet, please read on.

What is an Acca Bet or Accumulator Bet?

Acca betting is sometimes referred to as accumulators, multiples or possibly even roll ups. The last three terms are quite rare and in general, you will only come across the word ‘acca’. By now, you should already have a clue as to what it all means.

An acca is an accumulation of more than one bet, starting from two selections upwards. Some punters only use the term acca bet to describe four or more selections but this can start with just two.

The key point to remember is that all of the selections must come in in order to claim a profit. So, if you pick four teams to win in the English Premier League on one given weekend, all four of those sides have to win in order for the acca bet to land. If one or more of those teams doesn’t come away with three points, the bet will fail and your stake will be lost.

This makes accumulators distinctly different from formulas such as Lucky 15s, Lucky 31s or a Goliath where there is some leeway. Think of them as straight lines where all of the selections have to win in order for profits to be released.

In terms of those returns, stakes are multiplied as we work through the acca. Therefore, if your first selection is at 5/1 and you stake £10.00, a profit of £50.00 will be added to the stake for the next leg of the acca. Therefore, while the exposure is higher and the chances of losing your stake are greater, the profits involved can be seriously good when they do land.

How to Pick the Best Football Acca Bet

Now that we’ve answered the question what is an acca, it’s time to look at the practise in greater detail. Any system will always attract its own set of strategies. Along with horse racing, football is the most popular sport for bets of this kind so let’s discuss how to pick the best football acca bet.

Many bettors like to keep things simple and just back four or more teams who they think will win their games. Simplicity isn’t to be dismissed and if you’re new to acca betting, this is the perfect place to start. If you like, you can just back four short priced favourites: As strategies go, this may not be the worst path to take but remember, it only takes one of those teams to let you down and your stake will be lost.

Alternatively, you can place an acca bet on any of the available markets that the bookmaker is offering. So, for example, you can pick four players from different sides and construct an accumulator based on the First Goalscorer market.

Those who publish strategies on accumulators suggest options such as Total Goals. A common bet among football punters is to go Over the 2.5 line and you could opt to do this with multiple selections. However, one noted strategy is to reduce that to Over 0.5 and to make lots of selections – maybe 10 or more. The individual odds for each game will be poor – maybe 1/20 – but if you multiply that over several picks, they will improve. As we only need one goal in each game for that acca bet to deliver, it’s a strategy that you may want to consider.

Acca Betting Tips and Predictions

The general consensus among those who are experienced at acca betting is to start with low stakes and with short odds. We all dream of landing the life changing big win and while accumulators have provided a route to this for some punters, that type of success is very rare.

At the other end of the scale, betting with a stake of just £1.00 on odds-on picks can still have a substantial effect if all of the picks come through. So the first tip is to start low and, if you want to, you can always build up if you get a few nice wins under your belt.

As for predictions, you can do some research into form and other betting trends such as previous head to head results. The research involved is the same as you would put in for a single bet so there is no mystery there. Alternatively, you could identify a tipster that you like and you can always check out our preview of the big English Premier League football matches.

Advantages of Acca Betting

As we have already seen, the big advantage of acca betting lies in the potential to increase your returns. If you pick just two selections, the fact that your profits roll over onto the next bet means that there is the chance of claiming some seriously big winners and that is the main reason why an acca bet is so popular.

There are other advantages: Many sportsbooks realise the popularity of accas and they will therefore look to attach a number of offers and promotions to them. These will generally come in two different forms which are known as acca boosts and acca insurance deals.

An acca boost will increase your profits even further but you will need all of your picks to win if the lift is to kick in. Those increases will vary depending on the bookmaker and the offer in question but they may typically start at 5% for three correct selections and increase to 100% for winning 16-folds and higher.

An acca insurance offer would typically refund losing bets if just one leg of an accumulator doesn’t win. Once again, terms will vary but you can expect to have to nominate at least four selections to qualify for this type of deal.

Which Bookmakers Offer the Best Football Acca Bets?

To identify the best bookies for acca betting, we need to keep in mind that we want our odds to be as competitive as possible. We want value no matter what types of bet we like to place and this is an essential point.

With that in mind, we can trust the old established bookmakers such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral. Added to that list are those that have been on the internet for a long time and they include Unibet, Betway and 10Bet. We shouldn’t overlook the new boys either and would therefore recommend EnergyBet, LVBet, RedBet, Royal Panda and SportNation among others.

Some of those bookies also have offers on accas that provide boosts if your selections land or, there may be insurance offers which will refund your stakes if one leg fails to drop in. Cash out opportunities also exist so we would suggest checking those options out.