Best Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis is one of those sports that has really thrived since the inception of the internet. From a betting point of view, this used to be the domain of serious gamblers only but it is now so accessible that it has a much wider audience across the world.

In traditional betting shops, the sports of football and horse racing used to dominate with tennis picking up a few punts when the major events such as Wimbledon or the US Open came around. In those days, it didn’t really attract the occasional punter but in the digital age, with the arrival of online betting sites that has all changed.

The Appeal of a Tennis Bookmaker

Tennis is popular with punters for many reasons: Firstly there is the simplicity of the result market with only two possible outcomes. There is no tie or draw in tennis so anyone getting involved here is just speculating on a win for either player.

Upsets are also rare in a game that can last for several hours so bettors may feel they can back here with relative confidence when compared to the unpredictability of other sports. In recent seasons, tennis has been dominated by players such as Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer and it’s been hard for others to break that stranglehold.

The sport also offers a number of side bets which are all focussed on scoring. You can stake on the correct score in terms of sets and the games within those individual sets. As a sport, it also dovetails perfectly with newer innovations such as handicapping and betting in play which are further reasons why tennis has received such a boost since the internet and the top tennis betting websites came along.


This is such a popular sport that all bookmakers quote extensively for it, no matter where their main focus may lie. So, if you have a traditional bookmaker such as Coral or Paddy Power, or a newer, European centred outlet such as BetRally, tennis will be taken very seriously.

This will then lead to value across the markets with tennis bookies vying to be high up on the odds comparison sites. If you have the time, you can study those websites but in general, this is such a competitive part of the industry that prices offer great value across the best tennis betting sites.

Tennis carries plenty of promotions too, particularly when the bigger, Grand Slam tournaments come along. For events such as Wimbledon and the French Open, there should be a clutch of deals offering price boosts or refunded bets, but keep watching throughout the sporting calendar as offers are being listed all the time. 888Sport and Stan James are among those that offer regular tennis incentives.

Overall, this has become so popular over the last twenty years that arguably, there is more value for money to be had on tennis betting than on any other sport.

The Best Tennis Betting Sites

Intertops are widely acknowledged as the first internet gambling site with the sportsbook first coming online in 1996. They still offer tennis markets today but in twenty years their competition has increased infinitely.

While some of the traditional tennis bookmakers were slow to catch on to the digital revolution, companies such as bet365 and Betfair were set up and came online in 2000 as tennis betting sites realised that you no longer had to have a physical presence in order to compete with the big boys. Outlay was lower and the industry quickly began to fill up.

Eventually, William Hill, Coral, Ladbrokes and others all caught up while Betway are another big player in the world of tennis betting, having gone online in 2007. In the present day, while sports such as horse racing tend to be avoided, everyone embraces tennis to the extent that there is serious value to be found from less familiar operators such as Iron Bet, Winner Sports and 188Bet.


This has to be the best time to come on board as a new customer if you want to bet on tennis. The best tennis betting sites are fighting for your business in a crowded market and to kick things off there are some very generous welcome offers giving matched money on your deposit or a certain amount of free bets.
Because this is such a busy sport, prices across result and side markets are very strong too and you can generally find a host of ongoing promotions that can boost your value for money.

Its popularity as a spectator sport is growing too with tournaments crowding the calendar so for an exciting sport matched to a great betting experience, tennis really does offer a perfect match.

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