Neteller Betting Sites

If a bookmaker offers an eWallet funding facility then chances are that Neteller will be included on their roster. Along with Skrill, they are the most popular provider for the gambling industry and they offer great flexibility for anyone wishing to play without using their bank account.

But if you’re unsure as to how to proceed, here is a handy guide to Neteller and how it operates.

Neteller Betting Sites List

In order to spare you the extra work, we compiled a selection of Neteller bookmakers below. Rest assured these are all online betting sites that accept Neteller as a banking option, either when depositing or withdrawing funds from your betting account.

Points to Note

While Neteller gives us all a very flexible way of depositing to and withdrawing from our bookmaker’s account, there are some very important points that you have to note. Perhaps the most crucial issue is the fact that some bookies exclude depositing by eWallets if you want to take up their promotions – particularly their welcome offers. this is however certainly not true for the Neteller betting sites listed on this page, as those are pre-filtered for you.

Coral is a very good example of this: when you sign up for a new account and take either their standard bonus or an enhanced odds deal, you will be ineligible if you fund via Neteller, Skrill or PaySafeCard. Ongoing payments are fine but any related to a promo should be checked very carefully.

Terms in regard to this should be clearly shown but if you are in any doubt you can always contact a customer services operative.

Minimum and maximum levels for withdrawals and deposits may also apply and in rarer instances, there may be charges relating to Neteller transactions. Once again, any relevant terms for this should be clearly shown by the operator in question.

You should also be aware that there are charges at every point from Neteller. Unlike Paypal where you only pay a percentage when you receive money for goods or services, with this provider there will be charges for receipts, payments and withdrawals into your bank account.

These are relatively small but you should be aware of them, particularly if you are playing with Neteller at the sportsbooks so check online to see the current rates.

How it works

Signing up for a Neteller account is very straightforward and just requires some basic information but if you want to use all the facilities then you will be asked for proof of your ID via a passport, official driving licence or other recognised document.

You can then link up your bank account to make deposits or withdrawals. Payments to Neteller bookmakers can then be made once you have funds in that Neteller account and naturally you can take any winnings from the bookies and place them there too.

Neteller hold your account securely so there are no concerns in this area. The company also provides an access card where you can withdraw via an ATM or pay for goods and services as you would with a standard debit or credit card.

History of Neteller

Neteller was originally formed in Canada back in 1999 and was set up specifically as an ‘Authorised Electronic Money Institution’. At that time, the internet was still in its relative infancy but ecommerce was on the rise and the need for a choice of eWallet providers offered gaps in the market.

Neteller first became involved in the gambling industry in 2000 and began to process financial transactions for a number of sportsbooks at that time. That area of the business quickly began to dominate and in the same year, it was estimated that 95% of the company’s revenue came from the gaming industry.

At that time, Neteller were a popular choice for US residents who could access online gambling portals but in 2007, the provider exited from the United States market. Despite that move, growth remained strong and in 2014, company revenue was reported to be at $89.6 Million USD.

These days, Neteller are a very important component in the betting industry as they give millions of customers flexible access to their preferred operator. For the Neteller betting sites themselves, having this eWallet as part of their funding schedule is vital to build a customer base so it’s a win-win situation and the company will continue to offer an important funding route in the years to come.

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