Boxing Betting

boxingBoxing, in an organised form or otherwise, is one of the oldest sports in the world and while it retains its share of critics, it’s a pastime that has been embraced by the betting fraternity for centuries. From gentleman wagers between two opposing camps, we come to the present day and ask just what markets you can enjoy while boxing betting with new sports betting websites.

Betting Sites for Boxing

Available Markets

The first, and most obvious bet is on the result itself – a win for either boxer or possibly even a draw which is extremely rare but does happen occasionally. Result betting is very popular but shocks in this sport are relatively rare and it’s tough to find any value in the prices.

The favourite will usually be heavily odds-on to win while in a bout between two evenly matched fighters the market will be exceptionally tight – usually at a marginal odds on figure this time.

Some gamblers like to bet with the favourite each time and that could turn a long term profit but for better returns it’s advisable to look at the side betting.

Alternative Markets

Another popular boxing bet involves speculating on whether the fight will go the distance. It’s a straight yes or no and once again, the odds are nothing to get too excited about but if you want something a little more complex, you can stake on when and how the bout will actually finish.

There are a number of permutations here in a fight that could last up to 12 rounds. Your task, if you want to make a profit is to stake on when the event will finish and which fighter will win. So if you feel that Chris Eubank Junior will win his fight in the fifth round, simply add that to your betting slip and decide on the amount you wish to lay out.

As an alternative, the bout could go the full distance and could be won by either boxer on points. In this market, the prices can be much higher – up to 40/1 and beyond – so it’s certainly worth considering.

It’s a Knockout

Most spectators turn up at an event hoping to see a knockout and if a fighter does go to the floor, the audience can go into a frenzy. This can also boost your boxing betting profits as you can bet on whether an individual fighter, or possibly both, will hit the canvas within the space of 12 rounds.

So there are many facets to online boxing betting but in order to succeed and hopefully earn a regular profit through the sporting year, the simple key lies in research. If one boxer has knocked out the majority of his opponents and the next man in the ring has a poor record, then a win by a knockout is an obvious conclusion to draw.

Similarly, previous records in the ring are always going to be a pointer to future success and while there are no guarantees, some extensive research on your part could deliver a regular profit in a wide range of boxing markets.

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