WWE Royal Rumble 2018 – Winner

The Royal Rumble is one of the most exciting wrestling events. It is a pay-per-view event, hosted and organised by the WWE Network. It is part of WWE’s ‘big 4’, together with Wrestle Mania, the Survivor Series and Summer Slam. This year, the Royal Rumble will take place in Philadelphia, at the Wells Fargo Center, on the 28th of January.

The Royal Rumble usually features 30 different participants, although not all of them enter the ring at the same time. The goal is pretty simple, to eliminate the opponent and the last man standing is the winner. It is a lot of fun to watch the Royal Rumble, but it is also fun to place wagers on it, as there are so many options.

Some of the fighters are obvious favourites, but if one of the underdogs manages to cause an upset, some punters will earn quite hefty amounts of money, as the odds can be quite high. As all fighters aren’t known yet, bookies offer betting on a number of people who may or may not show up at the Wells Fargo. If you place a bet, than it stands no matter whether the fighter participates or not, if he doesn’t it is just as if he had lost.

Paddy Power

Shinsuke Nakamura is considered the first favourite to win the Royal Rumble and Paddy Power offers a bet on him at odds 7/5. That’s fairly low, and you could get better odds with other bookies. The odds for Roman Reigns are 9/4, and again it is possible to find higher odds. Dolph Ziggler and John Cena are tied at 4/1 and the odds for Cena are quite realistic.

Braun Strowman’s odds are set at 5/1, and the odds for Daniel Bryan are 13/2. The odds for Strowman are as high as they get, whereas the odds for Bryan are higher at other bookies. Finn Balor is 7/1, which is a standard offer and the odds for Baron Corbin and Randy Orton are 10/1. The odds for the last two fighters are quite low, you can get odds as high as 20/1 at other bookies.

The odds are 16/1 for Seth Rollins are as good as you can get, same with the odds for AJ Styles which are also 16/1. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are at odds 18/1, and these odds are considerably high, especially for Kevin Owens. The longest odds of 1,000/1 are offered for Barack Obama to win, and it is pretty clear why. Hulk Hogan is 200/1 and Floyd Mayweather is 400/1. Paddy Power also offers betting on the Women’s Royal Rumble.

William Hill

William Hill also rates Shinsuke Nakamura’s odds to win at the top (2/1) (WH T&C) and he is followed by Roman Reigns at 3/1 and John Cena at 4/1. No surprise there, next we have Strowman at 9/2, Ziggler at 5/1 and Bryan at 7/1. The odds for Rusev to win are 25/1 and those are the same odds that you’ll get from other bookies too. Brock Lesnar and Jinder Mahal are both at 33/1, and those are the best odds for these two fighters that you can get.

Generally speaking the odds offered by William Hill are quite reasonable, and for many fighters they are as high as you can get. William Hill doesn’t offer a lot of surprise options like Barack Obama or Donald Trump and the highest odds for any fighter are 100/1. There are over 30 potential fighters at odds 100/1 or higher. No Way Jose and Zack Ryder are among them.

Sky Bet

Shinsuke Nakamura is considered to be the first favourite by Sky Bet at odds 2/1, followed by Cena and Reigns both at 10/3, which is interesting since the other two bookmakers place Reigns ahead of Cena. So, if Reigns is your option, it is definitely wise to place the bet with Sky Bet.

Ziggler is offered at odds 5/1, equal to the odds offered by William Hill and higher than the odds offered by Paddy Power. The odds for AJ Styles are 8/1 and those are definitely the lowest odds for this fighter. If you wish to bet on him, it’d be wiser to choose another bookie.

The lowest odds at Sky Bet are 100/1, even for Floyd Mayweather who is rated 400/1 by Paddy Power.

Concluding Remarks

As there are many fighters, the difference between the odds offered by different bookies can be substantial, therefore it is wise to check what odds each of the three bookies offer for a particular fighter. If you wish to bet on some of the fighters that are not likely to win, it’s best to check at Paddy Power, whereas the odds for the favourites are higher at William Hill and Sky Bet.

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