White Christmas Odds 2018

christmasThe holiday season is in full swing. Christmas trees are being decorated, shopping centres and post offices are getting very busy and major train and bus stations are getting ready for the huge influx of people coming home to their families for Christmas.

However, one of the most delightful hallmarks of Christmas is snow. We are all much happier when we sit by the fire or stove with a hot cup of cocoa enjoying the white winter wonderland outside our houses.

Unfortunately for snow on Christmas enthusiasts, not every Christmas is a white one. In fact, most Christmas days in the south of England and Wales see no snow at all. Northern Ireland is in a similar state and the people there see snow once in every three or four Christmas Days.

The place to be if you are looking for snow in the United Kingdom is definitely Scotland. The north of Scotland gets particularly lots of snow in winter and Christmas Day is no different. In fact, in the last 60 or so years there have been almost 40 White Christmases in Scotland.

Bookmakers such as Betfred are well aware of this situation and expectedly give Scottish cities the lowest odds when it comes to witnessing a White Christmas. This year however, the odds for seeing snow on Christmas Day are really high even in cities such as Aberdeen and Glasgow and this is mostly down to the fact that meteorologists say that the chances of seeing snow around Christmas are miniscule. Nevertheless, let’s look at Betfred’s full White Christmas offer and see if a cheeky bet can be made on some of their snowy propositions.

Should You Back Aberdeen or Glasgow and then Pray for a Christmas Miracle?

aberdeenIf you want to win some money, then definitely yes. This is because meteorologists are not looking favourably on the chances for snow to be seen in either of those two cities and you will definitely need a divine intervention if you want to win some cash.

The White Christmas Odds for Aberdeen and Glasgow are quite high at Betfred and currently stand at 5/2 and 11/4 respectively. However, even though these odds are significantly higher than the odds given last year and the year before, they are still the lowest that the Betfred Offer currently gives.

Aberdeen has around 16 days of snow every year and Glasgow sees slightly less snow on average so backing any of these two cities to be covered in white is taking a huge gamble to begin with.

But Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if it wasn’t the season of miracles and backing one of Aberdeen or Glasgow here might actually be the first time that you have won some money with divine help.

Can Belfast Be Your Cheeky Attempt?

Belfast comes with slightly higher White Christmas Odds of 7/2 in the Betfred Offer, but this doesn’t mean that the capital of Northern Ireland is in any way inferior to the Scottish cities. In fact, in some of the more optimistic weather reports we have read for Belfast, the Northern Irish capital might have a small chance of seeing snow on Christmas Day.

This is a reason enough for us to place a cheeky punt on Belfast as with those odds we can increase our deposits close to five times and even with a small stake can win quite a lot of money for our Christmas presents.

Is There A Chance of an English City Seeing Some Snow?

belfastThe chances that there will be snow in England on Christmas Day are next to none. England as a whole will probably witness a pretty dry Christmas Day and the only chance of snow will be on isolated hills around the country.

Weather reports don’t look favourably on the chances for snow in any of England’s bigger cities and if you were thinking of backing some of England’s northern cities, you are also likely to be disappointed. Backing London’s Heathrow Airport to see some snow can be considered as an act of madness.

The Betfred Offer for White Christmas Odds currently has Birmingham at odds of 6/1 to see snow on Christmas, Leeds is given odds of 4/1, Liverpool is at 11/2, and Southampton and Manchester are at 5/1, while London (Heathrow Airport) is given the highest odds of 13/2.

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