What is Asian Handicap Betting?

Betting terminology can be a little confusing if you’re not used to the type of jargon used by bookmakers and those who gamble online. If a phrase or word is hard to understand then it could put a customer off from getting involved when in reality, things can be very simple.

Asian Handicap is one of those terms that isn’t immediately obvious but it really is a very easy concept and it’s extremely popular, not just in the continent from where it derives its name but from all over the world.

What It Means

asian handicapHandicapping, in its literal sense, means giving one team or individual a disadvantage and in the world of online betting, that process increases the odds and makes them a more tempting proposition. The theory can be applied to many sports but football is naturally a popular area and it probably gives the best examples for newbies.

Let’s assume that the team at the top of the English Premier League are at home to the bottom placed side. Naturally, their odds to win the game will be very short and unless you want your profits to be very slim ones, chances are you will avoid their price in the straight result market.

You can improve those odds however by harnessing the Asian Handicap and giving the weaker side a notional goal start. The side at the top of the table would then have to win the match by at least two clear goals in order to give you a profit and naturally the odds on this outcome will have been increased.

Extending the Odds

asian handicap The Asian Handicap can be extended further by giving teams two goal starts, three four and so on. The list is only restricted by the bookmaker but obviously if you start giving a side four goals before the game has even kicked off, you won’t be securing too many profits.

That’s how the handicap works in football but it can easily be deployed in other team sports such as rugby, while tennis is a prime example of an individual sport where the system can be used.

Tennis matches rarely provide shocks so odds in the straight result market can be pretty predictable and very little value can be found in them. Side betting then comes into play but once again, the Asian handicap is on offer to make the result just that little bit more tempting.

Here, the outside bet from the two players is given a start in terms of sets – one, two, three or possibly more. As with football, the odds then increase and any potential returns are far more rewarding.

Other individual sports such as matchplay golf can use an Asian handicap principle but remember that not all bookmakers embrace this system. If you are keen on using it, check with an odds comparison site to see who quotes regularly on Asian Handicap.

Above all, don’t be put off by unfamiliar terminology. Systems such as this are easy to follow and can increase your profits from online betting sites.

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