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While many punters wouldn’t even consider this to be a mainstream sport, volleyball has a strong following in certain parts of the word, particularly in mainland Europe where it is extremely popular. That popularity extends to the betting community who see the various markets involved as a good means of making a profit for those that do proper analysis and call correctly.

As with any sport, you need to choose your bookmaker carefully and volleyball is certainly no exception. Not every sportsbook quotes prices for this sport but don’t simply pick a bookie just because this niche is included. As always, you need a good mix of choice and value and we think the following are up there amongst the best bookmakers for volleyball betting.


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The set of Volleyball markets is a strong one here as Coral extends beyond the most popular events such as the summer Olympics and World Championships to pick up regular games from around the world. Ideally, that’s what you should expect from any good volleyball bookie and a random check of the site in March 2018 showed markets for games in Italy, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Turkey and a number of others.

In terms of value for your stake, be careful here because the main odds comparison sites do not always pick up all of the prices from across the sportsbooks when it comes to volleyball betting. Anyone who bets on any form of sport will know that Coral are competitive across the board so for those who are new to volleyball betting this is a good place to start.
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Ladbrokes and Coral are now part of the same group so the options for betting on volleyball are very similar between the two. In fact, in most cases you will find that prices can be identical but there are certain differences that make Ladbrokes worthy of its own entry.

We’ve found that the coverage here can be a little wider with more volleyball games available from across the world and more side markets included. Ladbrokes will therefore offer the same value with just a little more choice at certain points on the volleyball calendar.
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In regards to that choice of side markets, MarathonBet are going to be hard to beat and frequently, you will find over 20 betting options, even for the most obscure of volleyball games from around the world.

That figure is around twice the average for most bookmakers and that choice extends to the range of matches on offer which are a comfortable match for the other operators that we review in this round up.

As for prices, Ladbrokes and Coral may have the slight edge over MarathonBet but the odds here are still competitive so this is a recommended destination if you want more markets for volleyball matches all across Europe and beyond.
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The first point to note about Genting is that while they are chiefly known for their casino, the recently opened sportsbook is definitely worth checking out with good coverage of popular and niche sports together with competitive pricing.

That ethos extends to volleyball betting where constant monitoring of events within this sport shows Genting to be right up there with consistently good odds. There is also a good coverage of events from across the world with many professional leagues being offered up as well as the major international events on the calendar.

One thing you may not find here is a wide range of side markets: Usually the betting options are restricted to the result, along with the Correct Score and a Handicap alternative but if you are more concerned about long odds for the most popular bets then we would suggest that you check Genting out for volleyball betting.
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From the newer crop of online sportsbooks, JetBull are our recommendation for volleyball and the key to this selection lies in the choice. Arguably, they cover more volleyball games on a regular basis than anyone else on this list so for a range of matches, this is one of the first places to start.

The side betting options are extensive too with up to 20 additional markets being opened for the bigger games. In terms of prices, they may not be the longest in regards to odds but they are competitive so players certainly won’t lose out in the long run and JetBull are therefore definitely worth including here.

In summary, the above bookies are on this list of recommended outlets because they match our criteria for choice and value. Some may offer consistently longer odds at the expense of a range of matches while some have a greater coverage of games but overall, they are all excellent places to play for those that like to bet on this niche sport.
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