Tips on choosing the best lottery numbers

Although we all know that the whole idea of the lottery is that it’s a game of chance, it doesn’t seem to stop us picking our favourite numbers to play. However, even though you may think that this won’t limit your chances of winning, it does. And this is because so many people will be doing the same thing as you – picking memorable numbers that mean something to them. The trouble is that this brings up the same numbers so even if you end up hitting the jackpot with your chosen numbers, it’s more likely that you’ll have to share the win with a number of other people.

The results of big lotteries around the world like the UK National Lottery and the famous Spanish lottery draw El Gordo back this theory up. There is no recurring pattern to be found in the results of previous lotto draws. And even though the chances of winning “El Gordo” are higher compared to other lotteries that doesn’t mean you won’t still have to split the winnings of the jackpot with other players if you choose your own numbers. It’s far more sensible to use randomly chosen numbers, this way we stand a greater chance taking home a larger jackpot if we win.

However, if you can’t bear the idea of not choosing your own numbers, use the tips below to avoid choosing numbers that everyone else will go for.

Avoid 1-12. These numbers figure regularly on chosen lottery numbers because they represent the months of the year. People like to put their family’s birth dates in and so the numbers 1-12 get a lot of use in lottery tickets at betting sites.

Forget birthdays. As with the months, the other numbers that are over picked on lottery tickets are the dates of the month, so if you are choosing your numbers, avoid using 1-31. Conversely, if you use higher numbers between 32-49, you’ll be using the least picked numbers, so you’ll increase your chances of not having to share your win should you hit the random jackpot.

Avoid superstition. There are certain numbers that everyone considers to be lucky – 2 and 7 being the ones that spring most readily to mind. Many footballers will only play with a certain number shirt, like David Beckham with his shirt number seven. For the same reason, a lot of people choose certain ‘lucky’ numbers for their lottery ticket. It’s best to be contrarian, though, and choose the ‘unlucky’ number 13 – a number that is rarely chosen for its lucky potential.

But the best policy is to be random. You’ll find random number generators on different websites which can produce you a series of different numbers to use for your lotto ticket – try it out and see if it brings you just the right amount of luck!

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