The Benefits of Live Betting

Betting in play, or live betting as it’s sometimes referred to is one of the most popular and fastest growing areas in online gambling. If you’re watching a match live, via your television, then chances are that the natural break will be full of advertisements promoting live betting from one or more bookmakers but what individual bets can you actually make?

Essentially, in play betting allows you to stake money on a similar range of bets that you could have made prior to the off. Taking football as an example, you can bet, in-play, on the result, next goal scorer, time of next goal and much more.

Getting Started

However, if you’re new to betting in play then you may want to start with a standard bet such as the result itself. This is the simplest gamble of them all and is an ideal way to get involved and to become accustomed to all the factors you need to take into account.

The key to successful gambling on live betting lies in your ability to analyse a match once it has kicked off, and although many sports remain unpredictable, you’ll be able to spot changes in form as the game develops. Perhaps the favourites are having an ‘off day’ and the pattern of play suggests that the outsiders are ready to upset the odds. With betting in play, prices are very volatile and you can often pick up much higher than you can obtain pre-match.

Additional betting in play markets will vary depending on which bookmaker you use so you may want to study a selection of providers before deciding who gives the widest range of options.

Be Prepared

In order to be successful with your live betting you need a sharp analytical mind and the ability to think quickly and clearly but there are two, essential pieces of external equipment that will also prove to be vital.

Betting in play can be accessed by any device but it’s particularly popular ‘on the go’ – i.e. via a portable device such as a mobile phone or a tablet. Not only do you have to think fast but you have to act fast too and unless your home PC is within sight of a television, you’ll need a smaller piece of equipment.

Of course, you can stream the action live via the bookmakers’ website if it’s available but having a small, portable device is essential. Not only that but your internet connection must also be speedy. Odds change by the second so you’re going to have to be quick in order to get the price you want on the outcome you want.

Additionally, some bookies provide a cashout facility that lets you claim a return before a game has ended. Once again, you need a mobile device with a fast connection in order to really take advantage of this.

In play betting is undoubtedly the most exciting innovation ever to hit the world of football betting sites. Thanks to the rise in televised games and the introduction of live streaming via the internet, there has never been a better time to get involved and there is a wide choice of markets open on any sport.

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