Supercars Championship 2018

The Supercars Championship, or just Supercars is one of the most popular touring races that takes place in Australia, but international rounds have taken place in different parts of the world. The inaugural Supercars was held in 1997 and the Championship is consisted of a range of races, including endurance races, street races and sprint races.

The Supercars Championship is aired in over 130 countries and some of the more popular events are attended by 250,000 people. This year’s Supercars Championship begins on the 3rd of March with the Adelaide 500 and it finishes on the 25th of November which is the last day of the Newcastle 500.

Due to the interest that this event arouses, it is not surprising that many punters are looking forward to placing wagers on the Supercars. Bookies offer odds for outright betting, and if you think you can predict the winner of this year’s SC, you can certainly try.


All bookies seem to agree that Jamie Whincup of Triple Eight Race Engineering and Scott McLaughlin of DJR Team Penske are this year’s favourites. EnergyBet offers equal 59/20 odds for these two players to win. These are pretty decent odds. Shane Van Gisbergen is behind them at odds 31/9, followed by Chaz Mostert at odds 59/10.

The other drivers have a lot slimmer chances of winning. Fabian Coulthard is valuated at 9/1, whereas the odds Mark Winterbottom and Craig Lowndes are at 13/1 and 19/1, respectively. If you think that Cameron Walters of Tickford Racing might win, you will get £24 for a £1 wager. Reynolds (32/1) and Tander (39/1) are behind and the odds for Courtney are 49/1.

The odds for Percat, Slade, Stanaway and Davison are tied at 98/1 and then there are several other fighters with even lower winning odds. At the bottom of the list, you’ll find Blanchard, de Silvestro and De Pasquale all tied at 988/1.
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The people at ComeOn feel that Jamie Whincup is slightly more likely to win that Scott McLaughlin, which is why the odds for the former are 5/2, whereas the latter is given 16/5. The odds for Whincup are someone smaller than odds offered by other bookies, but if you think that McLaughlin is going to win, then ComeOn is not a bad option.

The likelihood for Shane Van Gisbergen to win is considered to be 7/2 which is fairly good. Chaz Mostert is rated at 6/1, a fairly standard rate, whereas the odds for Coulthard are 10/1. The odds for Winterbottom are 16/1 and these are the best odds that you can get for this driver.

Lowndes and Waters are both tied at 22/1, while most other bookies feel that Lowndes has better prospects. Reynolds comes next at 33/1 and then Tander and Courtney both at 50/1. The odds for each of the last two are quite high and favourable.

The odds for the lowest rated drivers are similar to the ones offered by EnergyBet, although ComeOn’s bets are somewhat higher.
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Paddy Power

Bets on McLaughlin or Whincup are both offered at 3/1 odds, which means that Paddy Power offers the best odds for Whincup to win. The odds for Gisbergen to win are lower than what most other bookies offer (10/3). The odds for Mostert are 6/1, just as with every other bookie. Coulthard is behind at 10/1 and Mark Winterbottom is at 14/1, which is neither the best, nor the worst offer and the same holds for the 20/1 odds for Lowndes.

Paddy Power feels that Reynolds and Waters have equal chances of winning (25/1 for each of them), whereas Tander is far behind with 40/1. Unlike the other operators, Paddy Power doesn’t offer odds of 1000 to 1, or a similar value, the highest odds that you can get for a driver at Paddy Power are 500 to 1.

So, if you indeed believe that someone like Tim Blanchard might win, you should look elsewhere as the odds at Paddy Power are only 500/1. However, if you think that Rick Kelly can become the winner, you can place a bet at odds 200/1, which is fairly alright.
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Redbet offers the exact same odds as ComeOn, so you will get 5 to 2 for every wager on Whincup and 16/5 for a wager on Scott McLaughlin. Gisbergen (7/2) is right below them and then come Mostert (6/1) and Coulthard (10/1).

James Courtney and Garth Tander are tied at 50/1 and Will Davison is even less likely to win, so the odds are set at 80/1. The odds for the lowest ranked five drivers are either 500 or 1,000 to 1. Le Brocq and Golding (500/1) are twice more likely to win compared to de Silvestro, De Pasquale and Blanchard.

In general, the odds offered by the three bookies listed above are pretty similar and two of them (Redbet and ComeOn) offer exactly the same odds. While it can’t be said that one operator offers better odds than the other ones, the odds for a particular selection (driver) are rarely the same at all 4 bookies. Therefore, you should base your choice of bookmaker on the particular bet that you’d like to place.
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