Revolutionise Live Staking with Pulse Bet from 10Bet

Attention! Actual odds referenced are correct at time of publishing at 7:29 am April 6, 2018 and are subject to change.

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Live betting has always been an exciting part of any staking strategy and the markets involved can often carry some very high prices. It’s been a popular option for many years now but while the format has remained the same for some time, that’s all about to change.

Pulse Bet is a new way to bet in play that can seriously boost any profits and over at 10Bet, there is an innovative way to land some big cash boosts in the next goal markets.

How It Works

For the purposes of this live bet, punters stake on the time that the next goal will be scored and 10Bet split your options into four separate time spans – 30 seconds, one minute, five minutes and ten minutes.

If you stake between one of those periods and you call correctly then naturally you will claim a profit but the amount that you win will depend on the exact time that the goal is scored. This is because, within each time frame, Pulse splits things into three more periods and a profit boost is added depending on how late the goal drops in.

For example, let’s say that you place a live bet on a goal to be scored in the next one minute. If that goal lands at any time up to and including 29 seconds then you take a standard profit but, if it comes in between 30 and 49 seconds then that profit is increased. Finally, if the next goal finds the net in the last 10 seconds, you get what 10Bet refer to as the Jackpot Win.

So, the later the goal lands, the higher your return will be and you can check all of the relevant time spans in a handy table which has been set up on the 10Bet promotions page.


While 10Bet have initially issued this for the next goal markets, it has the potential to be used for other live bets so we could expect these to follow in the months that lie ahead. Pulse is a new innovation that has been talked about since the start of 2018 and it could bring even more excitement to what is already a fast paced area of betting and that’s a fascinating development.

We do suggest that because it is brand new, you may want to check all of the terms and conditions relating to this deal but the general message for now is – the later the goal the more you can win so, if you like the excitement of Live Betting, head over to 10Bet now and check things out for yourself.

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