Poker calls for judgement

If you’re a fan of casino games and games of chance in general – it may also be that you’re a fan of poker. But poker isn’t a game like any other in the casino – and that’s because you have a real chance of coming out ahead over time.

This is basically not the case for all other casino games, unless you’re really going to max out your bonus money. In this case, you have a chance of beating the house at least for a while. With Fulltilt Casino, for example, being one of the best online poker sites, newly registering players can qualify for to $600 completely free of charge via the 100% first deposit bonus scheme. Now that’s most definitely a bonus worth having – and you’re ell ahead from the start – but it’s what you do next that is the key.

The truth is that if you play pretty much any game in a casino, the house edge will gradually erode what you have if you play on for a sufficient length of time. This is what the laws of probability are all about and what the whole city of Las Vegas is built on. Your bonus, then, will only last so long.

The fact that that edge is very small in games like roulette and in blackjack gives you a reasonable chance of winning on any given occasion. But the small percentages stacked in the house’s favor will gradually erode all winnings like water dripping on rock.

When we read about someone who has won millions playing an online slots game, or playing a fruit machine in a big Las Vegas casino, or landing an online progressive bonus jackpot etc., this simply fuels the fire for other players to come and try their luck. In other words, the casinos love a big winner for the publicity value it brings.

Now there’s one big exception to all this – and that’s poker. Unlike pure games of chance or games of judgement where the rules are relatively straightforward and the house has an edge (as with blackjack for example), poker is all about strategy, judgement and experience.

Poker tournaments, in particular, offer the chance for anyone talented enough to make some real money. Even here, there’s a house edge in the form of a rake-off, but otherwise this is all about how good you are, how sharp and how shrewd a judge of value over a long period of time.

Yes it’s true, there’s a lot of luck involved, but this is short term stuff only. In other words, if you play in a sufficient number of tournaments over a long enough time, the luck element becomes ever more decreasingly important. Zoom out far enough and you really will see if you have what it takes – but be careful – because most of us don’t. Good luck.

If you’re interested in learning how to play poker, have a look at this tutorial to get started:

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