Player Bets from Bet on Brazil Lets You Customise Your Stakes

We’re just starting to see some more innovation from around the sportsbooks in terms of bookmaker promotions and there is a distinct move towards giving the customer more choice. We saw this recently in a set of ‘head to head’ bets from Coral in the football markets and a new promo known as Player Bets from Bet on Brazil seems to have taken that a step further.

A head to head option is also available here but it all starts with customizable options on individual players.

Let’s say we have the North London Derby coming up between Spurs and Arsenal and you think that Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen will be an influential player in that match. You could, therefore, pick Eriksen from the list of players and then, on the next menu, select a stat.

Number of passes would be the most appropriate for a midfield player although you could also select tackles, shots and goals. So, based on passes, you select a number and odds will be shown against that line. If you are happy with that price then choose a stake, confirm your bet and if Eriksen were to produce more than that minimum number of passes, you will be paid out.

In the second phase, you could combine Eriksen with another player, so let’s take Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Having combined those two then the process works in exactly the same way – pick a line for passes and if the two of them produce more passes than the line indicates, then you can collect.

The last part of the promo is the head to head section so here, you may put Eriksen and Oxlade-Chamberlain up against each other in the passing department. Select which of those two will make the most passes in the game and then stake accordingly. You could also add a third player into the mix in order to lengthen your odds – in this example, it could be Tottenham’s Mousa Dembele or Arsenal’s Theo Walcott.

Obviously there are lots of permutations for what should prove to be an interesting offer from Bet on Brazil. Whether it’s tackles for defenders or shots for the front men, there is lots of potential for single or combination bets so log on to your Bet on Brazil account, or sign up if you don’t already have one and get involved with Player Bets today.

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