It’s a myXMAS Promotion for December at myBet

mybetxmas-promoThe holiday months are when you get the biggest and best promotions in the online gambling industry. There are tons of people who get time off of work and other obligations, so there’s a large influx of players into all types of online gambling. Along these lines, the sites have tons of promotions to attract those players, and you get to benefit by picking and choosing the best deals. The myXMAS promotion that’s going on this month at myBet is a great example to combine bets and rewards from different types of betting and take advantage of the holiday promotional schedule.

Here’s how this works. When you place a betting slip at myBet during the month of December, you’ll have a 20 percent chance of getting an XmasCard. When you get one of these cards, you’ll have two options. You can choose to be given an instant win right away, or you can choose to earn XmasPoints for a leaderboard-style promotion. The top player who runs up the most XmasPoints during the month will be given two tickets to Berlin for a major football event in 2015 along with €3,000 cash. Tons of prizes including free spins and deposit bonuses will be given to thousands of players who earn XmasPoints without taking the top spot.

If you choose the instant win option, then you’ll randomly be given a prize from a few options. You can pick up free spins for the Aliens video slot, free bets in the sportsbook or special deposit bonuses with favorable terms and conditions. The way this promotion is set up is that you’ll get a ton of chances to get great gifts, as visible in our myBet review and you’ll have a lot of input over what types of gifts you get. It’s the ultimate holiday celebration!

As you can tell with myBet, they aren’t shy about mixing up the different types of gambling that they offer. You can play in their online casino for a while enjoying some of the most high-quality slots available in the industry, and then you can turn around and make bets on a great game that’s about to start. Then you can enjoy your casino play and other bets while you watch the game. It’s really the perfect one-stop shop for any gambling fan, and with the myXMAS promotion that’s going on for the entire month, you’ll have plenty of incentive to get in on the action.

Only mybet customers residing in one of the following countries are entitled to take part in the promotion: Germany, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Norway.

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