Multiple Bets Explained

Multiple or Accumulator bets are extremely popular with the gambling fraternity for a number of reasons. Firstly, they can increase your profit significantly if your selections come in and this will naturally lead to increased excitement as you watch your events unfold.

But what are multiples exactly and how do you place this type of bet?

Doubles and Trebles

A double bet is by far the easiest to understand: Quite simply, you must stake on two individual selections and they must both win in order for you to collect a profit. If one pick wins and the other loses, you can’t claim a return.

Similarly, a treble requires three selections and all of these must win if the customer is going to take a profit from their bet.

This style of bet can greatly increase your odds and therefore your profit if you are lucky enough to land all your chosen selections. For example, let’s say that both your choices in a double bet are priced at 10/1: You then multiply 10 x 10 to get an excellent price of 100/1 if both those picks come in.

Multiples can obviously extend beyond 2’s and 3’s to 4,5,6,7 selections and many more. There is no limit on this type of bet but remember, with a straight accumulator or Acca, only one bet needs to fail for you to lose your entire stake.


The exceptions to that common rule come with system bets such as Trixies or Lucky 15s where you can still collect, even if someone lets you down. Here’s how they work:

With a Trixie, you are picking three selections – let’s say you have chosen three teams to win in a Premier League Football weekend. Under this system there are three possible winning bets – three doubles and a treble.

With this type of bet if you land one double, you are likely to still make a loss although it should be a much smaller one. Additionally, two doubles will bring a small profit but if all three selections drop in, you will pick up four wins and a sizeable return.

Another popular system is a Lucky 15 which, as the name suggests has 15 individual bets within four selected outcomes. So, for your four picks you can pick up a return on 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator. Other popular formulas are Lucky 31s and Lucky 63s which are further alternatives to the straight line accumulators.

Special Offers

Many bookmakers realise just how popular Multiple bets are with their customer base and as a result, there are a number of promotions that are engineered around this type of accumulator.

What will typically happen is that the bookie will refund your stake and give you a free bet if just one of your selections lets you down. Another typical promo are enhanced multiples for football especially.

Accas, Trixies, Lucky 15s and more can be used right across any sportsbook but they are particularly popular with football and horseracing. Yes, there may be more exposure but the potential rewards are certainly far more lucrative.

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