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The rise of live betting, or betting in play as it is commonly referred to, has given punters a greater opportunity to win better profits. However, while it can potentially be a very lucrative practise, its appeal lies in the fact that it really tests our skill as analysts and true sports fans.

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The Front Runners of Live Betting Websites

bet365 are generally regarded as the pioneers of live betting websites and although the practise may have been going on in betting shops prior to the days of the internet, they are certainly among the biggest operators. They boast over 20,000 live markets and gain attention via a TV advertising campaign that directly targets big matches in England’s Premier League.

However, most if not all bookies cover live betting to some extent and only the brand new operators are likely to give it a miss while they become established. Stan James can run bet365 close with a huge list of markets but you should always be able to find options with any operator.

The Best Live Sports Betting Sites:

The Concept

The concept behind betting in play is a very simple one: instead of placing an ante post bet before an event takes place, it requires the bettor to gamble once that event has started. So, taking a football match as a common example, the stake would be made at any point between the first and final whistle.

It’s a very simple way of betting but for many it is a real challenge and there are distinct reasons why certain members of the community like to play in this way.

The Analyst

Betting in play means that you have to really watch the event that you’re staking on and try to analyse how it is developing. You can bet ‘blind’ just by following score updates but to really be successful, you need to see that event unfold.

Football gives us some really good examples here: maybe a game is getting really bad tempered with tackles flying in so does that make it a good time to bet on a red card being issued?

Similarly, in the first or next goal scorer markets, have you identified a player that is coming close to hitting the target? Is it time for your team to make a substitution and introduce a player that has a higher price in the in-play market?

There are lots of similar examples across the sporting world that underline just why this is so popular with the bettor who fancies himself as a sports pundit.
The other, and perhaps more important reason why players are attracted to live betting websites is the prices involved. Take a situation where a football team goes a goal down or a tennis player loses the first set. They are still very much in the match and if you back them in the live markets, you will get a far higher price than you would if you had staked on the win ante post.

Get equipped

If you are serious about betting in play then you will need to be fully equipped to do so and this includes having the relevant bookmaker’s mobile site, or app, accessible via your iPhone or Android device.

The reason for this is that odds can change very quickly in the live markets so you can’t always be at home when the price hits the point where you want to stake. Needless to say, those mobile devices should be reliable and if you are betting via your PC then you will need a superfast connection to make sure that the site doesn’t time out while you are placing your bet.

By planning ahead, you can usually ensure that you don’t miss out on the best live play odds.

Benefits of Live Betting

Some online betting sites may also tailor promotions specifically to live betting just to get you interested in the concept. In some instances they will give you a small amount such as £5.00 or £10.00 just to try out betting in play and get you involved.

It’s really just another incentive to keep you playing on a regular basis but it could introduce you into a whole new exciting concept that you may not have considered before.

In contrast, many standard promos will exclude betting in play and specify that you must stake ante post in order to qualify. This is common amongst the acca boosts and insurances that we see but the rule is widespread so check the terms and conditions before you go ahead.

But the real benefit lies in the excitement and new dimension that live betting brings and, of course, there is the possibility to find some really big prices. It’s getting more popular with more markets and new bookmakers getting involved so, if you haven’t given it a chance before, pick the best live betting sportsbook from above and give betting in play a go just to see what the fuss is all about.

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