How to Find Betting Value

Betting terminology can seem a little confusing at times but in reality, most of the phrasing used is very simple to understand. ‘Value’ is a word that crops up often and it can justifiably be attached to two clear aspects of online gambling.

Best Prices

For any sporting event – football, cricket, horse racing and beyond – bookmakers issue a list of prices and they are generally very similar. Let’s say that Manchester United are priced at 2/1 to beat Barcelona away from home – that seems like a reasonable figure and it’s one that may well be adopted by most outlets.

However, there will invariably be one company that goes against the market and has a price listed of 4/1. Clearly you are getting more value for your money with this bookmaker so you should definitely consider them when placing your bet.

Odds can be compared at a range of comparison portals but the problem is that if you go for the best odds every time, you will probably end up with a large range of accounts which are confusing to manage. There are over a hundred established bookies on the net so do you really want so many accounts to monitor?

The sensible option is to check the comparison sites at regular intervals and see who provides consistently good prices – they can then be considered as a ‘value’ bookmaker and it makes sense to open an account with them.

Alternative terminology

The word value can also be used in connection with a betting option that has drifted in price for a number of reasons. In horse racing for example, a solid horse may lengthen because of a loss of form or a recent injury – the same factors could also affect a football team and cause their odds to increase.

Those odds will then hit a level where they could be considered a value pick. Let’s say that Liverpool football club have lengthy odds to beat Arsenal because they have lost their last three matches. However, you have read reports indicating that two of their best players are set to return after a lengthy injury lay off. Suddenly, those odds are far more tempting.

Exactly the same scenario could be used for a horse but the sport of horse racing could be affected by a number of factors. Perhaps the trainer has addressed poor results by switching the jockey or maybe a sudden change in the weather could alter the going and make the ground more favourable for the horse concerned.

Value bets are everywhere but this is one area of online betting sites that requires extensive research in order for it to pay off. You really need to know your sport inside out in order to spot those occasions when a price will extend to the point where it can be considered as a ‘value’ option.

As for comparative odds, it’s easy to spot the bookmakers giving top prices on a regular basis so make sure you understand the concept of value and you can greatly enhance your profits.

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