Horse Racing Tips

Whether you’re an experienced gambler, or someone new to the pastime, the one thing that everyone looks for is some sure fire horseracing tips. As you get to the more advances stages of betting, there are some very complicated systems and strategies you can use but if you’re just starting out, there are some general hints that you can follow.

Find your favourites

Horse racing at Arlington Park 2007In the first instance it always pays to follow the experts: Keep tabs on the TV pundits and their predictions while checking the tipsters in the Racing Post, and the general sporting press. Over time, you can analyse how their tips fare and decide which of them you are going to follow.

A very basic method is to look at a term called draw bias: In a horse race, there is no such thing as a staggered start so the horses on the very inside of the track, have to run a shorter distance. Over the course of several furlongs, that advantage may seem very slight, but statistics indicate that a significant number of races are actually won by the horse on the very inside.

Be careful

Newmarket RacecourseIf you’re attending a meeting for the first time, it’s wise to avoid anyone who asks you for money in return for tips. Courses have occasionally been plagued by individuals who promise ‘inside information’ in return for your cash. The best advice you can get in this instance is to steer well clear as in reality, the information you receive will be no better than that which you can widely obtain for free elsewhere.

Moving on to slightly more advanced systems, there are certain runners that you can fairly reliably rule out of any race. Firstly, if you spot that a horse hasn’t competed for four weeks or more, then it should probably be avoided from a betting point of view. The likelihood is that it is coming back from injury or illness and its trainer is just giving the horse a run out as it heads back to full fitness.

Similarly, if a horse is moving up in class, you may want to keep your money in your pocket here as well. The horse in question may prove itself at a higher level in time, but in the early stages it is more than likely to struggle.

Who to follow?

So what horses can you look for in any race? Early front runners should be watched very carefully, particularly on wet ground. Research will show you which horses consistently take an early lead and if they are running on ground that can easily be cut up, it will make the going much harder for those runners following on behind.

One of the simplest tips when it comes to betting on horse racing or on any kind of sport is to follow your hunches. There is no worse feeling than to spot a horse that you fancy and to talk yourself out of betting on it before it sails home in first place. It’s actually much better to place a small gamble and then watch it lose.

Overall, betting on horse racing betting sites should be fun and it should increase your enjoyment of the race so do your research, look for some free tips and then sit back to enjoy all the action as it unfolds.

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