Did You Know You Can Place Some Hilarious Donald Trump Bets?

Donald Trump

For those who aren’t informed, you can place actual wagers on the various characteristics of the US president Donald Trump’s appearance and behaviour – online, available as of today! You can read this article then head out to PaddyPower.com and take your chances with Donald Trump Appearance Bets, Donald Trump Narcissism Bets, Donald Trump Religion Bets and some of the more hilarious Trump-related wagers.

Become a member of Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaker dedicated to online odds and betting, and you’ll have the chance to try your luck on a wide range of Donald Trump novelty bets. It’s been two months since businessman Donald Trump claimed his position at the White House, and it appears bookmakers like Paddy Power couldn’t resist the urge to offer their bettors a considerable list of silly Trump special bets that range from his personal style to his foreign relations aptitudes.

Among the Trump Appearance Bets you’ll find options like ‘Trump admitting hair surgery’ (odds 2/1), ‘Trump growing facial hair’ (odds 150/1) and ‘Trump surgically enhancing his hands’ (odds 500/1). Since Trump’s personal outlook has become part of his brand and all the media are commenting on the slightest little detail about his appearance, it kind of makes sense to offer such wagering options. But you have to admit – they’re hilarious!

The list continues with a set of Trump Narcissism Bets. Being one of the most powerful people in the world can obviously make a person to act in a somewhat narcissistic way, but that doesn’t change the fact that betting on such characteristics of a man is borderline hysterical. ‘Trump names a US Navy Ship after himself’ is one of the potential narcissistic things he might do as president. Want to bet on it? The odds are 9/1. Or maybe there are bigger chances he will print his face onto US currency? Paddy Power odds say 100/1.

How about we also explore Trump’s views on religion since they’ve been nothing less than controversial and therefore hilarious? – must have been a great pitch at one of the Paddy Power staff meetings. Bets offered include ‘Trump denies god’ with odds set at 20/1 and ‘Trump converting to Islam’ with odds at 50/1.

If you thought these bets are funny and amusing, make way for some of the most hilarious bets in gambling history. They don’t necessarily have a subject and aren’t as likely as the previous ones, but they are surely entertaining. ‘Joe Biden punching Donald Trump in the face at an event’ is one of them and the odds are set at 100/1. Inspired by rumours of Trump being involved with Russian prostitutes Paddy Power included one more ridiculous bet – ‘Donald Trump sex tape to be released in 2017’. What are the odds? Literally, 14/1.

Who says politics can’t be both fun and profitable for ordinary people? Visit Paddy Power and place your humorous Trump bets today.

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