Football Betting – Result Betting

If you’re a newcomer to football betting then the easiest place to start is with the result market. Essentially, there are only three possible outcomes with a win for either team or maybe a share of the points so this is definitely the place to start.

Enhancing Your Chances

With any football bet, your chances of landing a profit will be greatly increased if you do plenty of research during a game. Which of the two teams is in form? Does one side have a really good record against the other and are there injuries or suspensions which could weaken either of the two squads?

These are the types of basic questions you should be asking yourself before you go ahead and add a selection to your betting slip. For a little advanced strategy, you can also follow the many pundits online, and in the printed media to see who has a greater success rate.


Draw no betOnce you become used to online football betting sites, you can look for slight variations on the result. For example, you could bet on the result after 45 minutes and this will need a little extra research to see which teams start a game strongly and which ones are a little slow out of the blocks.

As another alternative, you could go for a variant which is referred to as ‘draw no bet’. Here, the draw is taken out of the equation completely and if the scores are level at the end of the match, your stake will simply be refunded.

With the draw no bet option, odds on a win for either team may be reduced significantly but some professional gamblers use this system as they believe it can lead to an easy profit over the course of a season.


In many football fixtures, one side will be considerably stronger than the other, particularly in countries such as Spain where a small nucleus of teams – in this case Barcelona and Real Madrid – will dominate their league. This means that the odds on Barcelona to beat one of the lower ranked teams become so short that there’s no point getting involved.

There is a way of increasing these prices however and it’s known as Asian Handicap betting. With this option, you would give the weaker side a notional head start of one goal, two goals, three goals or more and the stronger side – in this case Barcelona – would have to win the game by a greater margin.

Under the Asian Handicap, odds for a win will increase but not all bookmakers have extensive markets for this so if you do want to get involved, you must choose your provider wisely.

Result betting is easiest way to get on board with online gaming but it remains popular with experienced punters who want to turn a quick and simple profit. You can also go beyond this most simple of methods with a range of options that can either increase or decrease your odds but whatever you choose, remember to do as much research and to look out for some expert opinion.

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