Football Betting – Team goals markets

Individual goal scorer markets are always popular among the football betting fraternity but focussing on team goals can also bring its rewards. Team goal bets will generally attract smaller prices and in many cases these can be at an odds on figure but some solid research can help to turn a consistent profit over the course of a season.

The options

There are a number of different alternatives to consider but the most obvious of these are the total goals markets. These will start at the 0.5 line where one single goal can secure a profit and they can climb, depending on the bookmaker, up to 8.5 and beyond.

Naturally, you won’t receive too much by way of a profit if you bet over the 0.5 line but the more you extend that punt, the better your odds will be. The 2.5 bet is felt to be an average and is certainly the most popular so if you feel that a game will yield at least three goals, this is a good place to start. Don’t forget, you can also back under those individual goal lines.

No bet is safe but this is certainly one area where studying form and stats will give you an edge. Does either team carry an in form striker, is there a history of goal-laden games between the two sides? Information such as this is readily available across the internet so make use of it and you can give yourself a better chance of beating the odds.


The examples that we’ve used concentrate on the full time result and the goals scored by both teams will count towards the overall result. However, there are variations on this theme which will be a little more risky, but will increase the odds and your potential to return a better profit.

For example, you can take the combined teams’ total goals bet and apply this to either half. So, backing over 2.5 can take place in either the first or the second period and the odds will be higher. In addition, you can increase the risk further by betting on how many goals one team will score in 45 or 90 minutes. There are plenty of variants and once again, researching the stats could help you to gain an edge.

Statistics based websites will show if a team is more potent in the first or second half and often, sides don’t start to find the net until the last 45 minutes. Study this type of information and you can definitely help to tip the odds in your favour.

Finally, the both teams to score bet is arguably the most popular of all and it’s a completely self-explanatory option. Alternatively, you can bet on either the home or the away team as the only side to find the net.

Study form to aid you and look out too for promotions centred around the team goals market as these appear quite regularly from various bookies to give you the chance of enhanced odds or perhaps even free bet, money back specials across this type of punt.

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