Football Betting – Discipline Markets

As the demand for online betting has increased, so has the number of available markets for anyone wanting to get involved and now there is a range of options surrounding red and yellow cards. This is a fun, and certainly interesting set of side bets and it’s one where research can prove a very profitable ally.

Card Happy

The most obvious and popular bet within the discipline area is to speculate on the amount of yellow cards and on whether one or more reds will be issued in the course of a match, but how can you harness that research to give yourself an advantage?

Statistics will show that certain referees are far more ‘card happy’ than others and while some officials are happy to overlook a number of tackles and let the game flow, others appear to blow up for every offence, no matter how minor.

There are websites out there that can help you identify who those referees are and that can help the odds in any discipline market to work in your favour as it should increase the likelihood of more yellow cards and a possible red.

Bad Blood

Certain fixtures can also produce more cards than others and this is another area where research can give you a better chance of beating the odds. Local derby games are a good example of occasions where crowds can be hostile, players can react to that hostility and in turn, ill feeling can turn into a match where yellow and red cards appear in abundance.

But it doesn’t have to be a local derby, although these are certainly worth looking out for. Sometimes, even the most innocuous looking fixture can display bad blood between the two sides which leads to a rash of indiscipline and a glut of cards which give you a healthy profit. Naturally, there are no guarantees but if there is a bit of ‘history’ between two teams or two individual players, it’s worth considering a bet.

Market Alternatives

On occasions, there can be red card markets that are aimed at one individual player. These will depend on the game involved and it could be restricted to individual bookmakers but it’s worth looking out for.

In addition, discipline markets can be released ahead of a big tournament such as the World Cup or the European Championships. Here, the popular bet involves deciding on which team will receive the most reds or yellows in the competition.

You can also speculate on who will receive the earliest yellow card in terms of minutes from the first whistle. Once again, all of these options can be tricky to predict but a glance at discipline records from previous tournaments can help to give the punter an advantage.

All of these options can also be applied to in play betting and they can certainly be a fun way to enhance your overall strategy. Whatever market you choose, research is vital if you are looking to beat the football bookies and turn a regular profit based on yellow and red cards.

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