Football Betting – Correct Score Markets

Correct Score - Paddy PowerFootball’s correct score market may sound like a dangerous one to get involved with and while it can certainly be an unpredictable area, the potential rewards can be huge. Odds for the most common scorelines tend to start at around the 6/1 mark but can increase exponentially to the point where they can land some amazing returns.

The Risk Factor

Certain scorelines can attract odds of 100/1 and even more and while few people would have backed Manchester United and West Brom to draw 5-5 back in 2013, you do read stories of the occasional lucky punter who has scored big profits on the most outrageous results.

Coming back to earth however and for most of us, it’s going to be impossible to land or even want to call that type of scoreline. As an alternative, there are some more predictable profits to be had.

Having a System

Statistics show that the most common result is 2-1 to the team who is perceived as the stronger of the two. This type of result will attract odds at around 7/1 – 8/1 and it may be worth trialling this type of bet if you haven’t entered a correct score market before.

In fact, some online account holders will even base a system around this outcome and take a number of 2-1 single bets on any given weekend in the football calendar. Naturally there are no guarantees here so think very carefully before embarking on this type of ‘system’.

Past Performances

In the digital age, it’s easy to do your research and identify any patterns in matches between two sides. For example, a fixture between two particular teams may have finished 1-1 on four occasions out of the last six and while there are no guarantees once again, that type of stat can influence your thinking and potentially help you to land a profit.

Research on the current season is possibly more important as you’ll need to spot who is in form and scoring heavily over the course of the campaign. The loss of a prolific striker to injury or suspension can also have an impact as that will obviously affect the chances of one team finding the net.


Aside from the full time result, the majority of football bookies will allow you to bet on the correct score at half time. This may well be easier to predict as generally, the first 45 minutes of a game is more subdued as the pattern of play is established. Fewer goals come along and the half time scoreline should, in theory at least, be easier to predict.

Overall, perhaps the best way to tackle the correct score market is to treat it as a bit of fun. Maybe you won’t land a regular return but if you have a few pounds spare leading into a sporting weekend, perhaps a small bet on a scoreline at 15/1 or higher can increase your interest in a match and if it comes in, you’ve scored a very healthy profit.

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