FA benefitting from Ladbrokes partnership

We’ve seen how sports sponsorship can be a real lifeline for any sports team but why would an organisation such as the FA need to enter into such a deal? And, when we’re talking about the Football Association itself, where is the funding directed?

From 1st August 2016, Ladbrokes threw its weight behind the Football Association in a contract that will provide sponsorship for the FA Cup while covering the England team itself as they began their preparation for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Badly needed funds

The key to the deal is the fact that the FA is not actually run for profit so any funding received is ploughed straight back into the game from grass roots level upwards.

This partnership with Ladbrokes comes at a time when The FA, as a not-for-profit organisation, is investing record levels back into football at all levels of the game,

said FA Chief Executive Martin Glenn.

So, while the Association may well be generating plenty of income from the FA Cup and from England home fixtures at the new Wembley Stadium, it’s deals such as this which ultimately develop the game and will hopefully bring more success to the senior side.

What’s in it for us?

As Kristof Fahy, CMO of Ladbrokes said when the deal was confirmed, the company wanted to really get behind English football and do more than just ‘hand over a cheque’. Certainly there is great kudos to be gained by partnering in with the English Football Association but at the same time, the sportsbook and casino would be looking to get plenty back in return.

As part of this contract, it was confirmed that Ladbrokes would be getting in-stadia betting rights for all games held at Wembley Stadium. So, anyone placing a bet on site would be doing so with Ladbrokes while additional brand exposure would be very appealing to any company, no matter what their size may be.

Remember, Wembley can play host to much more than the occasional football match and is a regular venue for music. OK, you can’t bet on that but this means that there is further exposure to tens of thousands of people at each and every event.

Other sports are catered for however with regular NFL games staged here while in the past, Wembley has also been a perfect venue for both codes of rugby.

And then, there is the added exposure of being around the English senior football team whose every move is covered by the press who, in turn, beam footage into homes all across the world. Overall, this is one of the biggest deals to land in terms of global exposure.

Transitional period

At the top level of the game, England’s senior side are going through another transitory phase after their embarrassing exit from the European Championships at the hands of Iceland. That defeat was followed by more embarrassment with the departure of new manager Sam Allardyce after some two months in charge.

Clearly this is a time where the senior national side needs some stability and a sponsorship deal such as this one can help the new manager to implement this within the squad.

But the money is just as important at Grass Roots level as the FA looks to develop youth football through its EJA leagues while expanding more into the community at the same time.

On the face of it, the more cynical might view this as just another big money deal between a mega-rich bookmaker and a football organisation but look a little deeper and we can see just how vital sponsorship such as this really is to the game.

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