Coral Introduce Customised Betting

If you’ve seen the TV sports channels displaying stat after stat in the wake of another sporting weekend then you’ll understand how this could be a new way to bet on certain sports. As displayed in our Coral review, the company certainly took that concept when they introduced their new Build a Bet system and it promises to work well across a number of events.

Available to play right away on mobile, Build a Bet currently applies to football, NBA and NFL markets and you can literally look at a number of ways in which to construct a very specific stake.

First up is stats picks: head across to the Coral app, find your sport and then your player and from a list of potential statistics on the opposite side of the page before selecting the option that most appeals to you. You may, for example, decide that a certain footballer is going to have more than a certain amount of shots on target in a particular match.

Alternatively, perhaps a player in the NFL will rush more than a certain amount of yards. Whatever option appeals to you, click on it and the app will display Coral’s quoted odds. If you are happy with that price, select a stake, submit and the bet is placed.

The second part of stats picks involves combining two players so you could, say, select Dele Alli and Eden Hazard and say that they will complete over 100 passes between them when they face each other. Once again, make your selection, consider the odds and if you are happy with the price that the Coral app is quoting, place your bets.

Moving on from that stats pick section you can also get involved with Head to Head betting. Once again, this can be used across those three sports and typical examples might include, one soccer player to score more goals than another or, in NFL, one quarterback to throw more touchdowns than his rival.

As before, select your bet from the app and the odds will come up before making your decision.
It’s a very innovative approach to betting and one that should prove popular, particularly among those who love to use their stats before considering a punt.

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