Bwin Backing Real’s Big Buys

When you’re spending around 100 Million Euros on a single player, a football club needs huge backing from its owners and from key partners looking to pump funds into the organisation. Fortunately, when that club is Real Madrid, there is no shortage of potential sponsors looking to get involved.

Long Association

The Bwin betting group have long been associated with the Spanish giants and over several years, they have been both shirt sponsor and betting sites partner to the La Liga side. The bookmaker and casino first got involved way back in 2007 with the signing of a record deal worth around 60 Million Euros.

That contract was originally set for three years but has since been extended and although Bwin aren’t currently featuring on player shirts, they remain heavily involved at the Bernabeu.


If you were to assume that Bwin had pumped in 60 Million per annum into Real Madrid that would leave a cool 540 Million Euros in their coffers and that figure alone would have been enough to purchase some of their high profile names. Just look at these transfers from the last 10 years.

  • 2013: Gareth Bale from Spurs at 100 Million Euros
  • 2009: Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United at 94 Million Euros
  • 2014: James Rodriguez from Monaco at 80 Million Euros
  • 2009: Kaka from AC Milan at 65 Million Euros

Real dominate the list of the world’s most expensive transfers and can blow other clubs aside when a big name becomes available. Yes, they are hugely rich but money from sponsors is invested wisely into squad building and in other areas around the stadium.

What’s in it for Us?

60 Million Euros is a sum that dwarfs most of the sponsor deals that we see in the UK but Bwin would have been battling other operators in order to get involved with arguably the biggest club side in World Football. And don’t forget that they renewed that particular contract each year until 2013 when Emirates took over the shirt deal.

The exposure that your brand receives by investing in one of the world’s footballing superpowers is hard to quantify but it starts with the tens of thousands of fans who pile in to see Real every week. Beyond that, Millions are watching at home as the majority of Real Madrid matches are shown live on global TV.

Add in the replica shirt sales – Bwin would have appeared on all of these – and you are starting to see a return on even the biggest investment.

Continuing the Partnership

Their name may not appear on the shirts of Ronaldo and Bale any more but Bwin remain heavily involved with Real Madrid as the club’s betting partner. That arrangement is important as it keeps them on the official Real website so their logo can be seen by Millions of visitors each year.

When a sponsor gets involved with any football club then the brand is likely to endear itself with fans leading to increased sales of products for that specific backer. In the case of Bwin, they have partnered up with a huge name and it’s fair to say that they will be the number one betting choice for any Real Madrid supporter.

In return, Real have received a vast sum of money from the bookmaker in the nine years since they have been involved and even with their amazing wealth, that money helps to buy in players of the quality of Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite that wealth, Real are not guaranteed success as they battle with fellow Spanish giants Barcelona so we can expect the sponsorship deals and the betting partnerships to get bigger and bigger as the years progress.

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