Betting on Wrestling

When you consider that WWE and other codes of wrestling are around 90% showbiz and perhaps 10% sport, it’s no surprise that many punters perceive that their opportunities to take a bet are fairly limited. In fact, this isn’t true and while some familiar bookmakers like to give the events a complete miss, there are lots of options if you do want to stake.

Latest UK betting sites do get involved here along with some of the newer names in the industry but what is wrestling all about and why should you consider getting involved?

The Mechanics

There is plenty of controversy surrounding the sport of wrestling and how results may be pre-determined before a bout even starts. It’s all about high theatre and rivalries between certain participants but whatever your view may be, there is one important certainty.

The wider viewing public has no idea how an event will finish and the same principle therefore applies to the betting community. Therefore, the odds published by the bookmakers are fair ones and you can stake knowing that they are not aware of the results either.

So, whatever your view may be, the credibility and impartiality regarding the betting markets cannot be called into question.

Bookmakers and Betting Options

The WWE wrestling federation hold huge monthly events that are generally available on pay per view TV in the UK and around the world. The fact that the sport can command a big pay per view audience is one mark of just how incredibly popular it is and that is why many bookmakers are keen to offer markets.

The choice of betting options is a little more restricted than with other sports but bookies certainly like the outrights. For the first Royal Rumble of 2017, Paddy Power, SkyBet, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, SportingBet and Boylesports were all offering prices on the huge list of names that had been declared.

Options for side betting are limited but there are additional markets to get involved in. Punters could speculate on which wrestler would finish the tournament with the most eliminations and from that list above, the list of bookies drops slightly to Paddy Power, Coral and SkyBet.

From here, the options get a little more obscure and you really are limited as to your choice of operator. Some of the more bizarre side markets include, Will a Belt be used as a Weapon or Will a Referee get Knocked Down in a Contest. Ahead of the event itself, only Betfair wanted to get involved with these.

So, your options may be more restricted but the outright markets are the most important and they prove to be extremely popular.

Benefits to Customers

It’s unlikely that there will be any direct promotions relating to WWE or any other wrestling match. Of course, you can always take advantage of welcome offers but do check all terms and conditions to see if you can bet in this type of market.

Bookmakers will get involved but their attitude to it is similar to those of the entertainment markets so be sure to check whether it is admissible under any generic promotions. If in doubt, you can always ask a Live Chat Operator or use any of the other help facilities.

The real benefits for customers come in the prices and those bookmakers that do like to get involved with wrestling betting markets are competing for a strong share in a growing sport. Odds are high and there is some good value to be found here.

A Brief History

Anyone based in the UK could be forgiven for thinking that professional wrestling in the US copied the popularity of the British version from the 1970s. Fans remember with fondness those great names from that era – Mick McManus, Jackie Pallo, Adrian Street and more – and we really only became aware of the US version when satellite TV became more prominent in the 1990’s.

However, the WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment to give it its full title, can actually trace its roots back to 1952. Over the decades, the sport evolved to bring us more familiar names including Rowdy Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant and The Undertaker who still fights to this day.

For some, the sport of wrestling will never be seen in the same light as other combat events such as boxing or MMA but the fact remains that in many quarters, this is taken very seriously indeed. Millions watch events such as the Royal Rumble, paying over and above their TV subscriptions to do so and as a form of pure entertainment, it is great to watch.

Many bookies love it too with competitive prices in the outrights and a small selection of side betting so if you’ve dismissed wrestling as a betting option in the past, perhaps you should consider it a little more closely.

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