Betting on Tennis

Tennis is hugely popular among the betting fraternity, particularly in Europe where the sport still attracts a wide audience. It’s entertaining to watch, there’s no doubt about that, but does the occasional predictably make it less tempting for some?

The Straight Result

Shocks are relatively rare in tennis, compared to certain other sports, so if you’re looking to back one of the top players such as Andy Murray or Novak Djokovic to beat an unseeded opponent in the first round, figures will slump to a heavy odds on price that is hardly worth taking.

As an alternative here, you can employ the Asian Handicap whereby you would give the weaker player a head start in terms of games or sets. That would increase the price on the stronger player until such time as you might consider it to be tempting.

However, there are plenty of alternatives in tennis betting besides that straight result.

Other Markets

Tennis Betting - Other MarketsCorrect score betting is available on all games so while Murray, Federer and female players such as Serena Williams are going to attract short odds in the result betting, a punt on the final score in terms of sets is going to be quoted at a longer figure.

Federer may win but will it be 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2? This makes the game more interesting and gives you better priced options in return.

Set Scores

Beyond the match score you can also bet on the score in each individual set. 6-4 to the stronger opponent is perceived to be the most common outcome and this will therefore attract a lower price while a 6-0 whitewash can be backed at very high odds indeed.

As you may already be thinking, tennis fits very nicely into the excitement of betting in play where the scores in closely matched games can fluctuate very quickly. Betting on the result, set or even the next point while the game is in progress is very popular with those bookies who provide the service.

Long Term Bets

In the longer term, there are seasonal bets on tournaments and on Grand Slam events in particular. Some outlets will also let you pick a certain player and stake on how many major singles titles they will win in any individual year.

Markets for the big events such as Wimbledon, the French Open and US Open are always published a long time in advance and this gives you a great opportunity to find some higher prices on the top male and female players from across the world.

Overall, tennis may not provide the huge range of side bets that you could obtain elsewhere. For one thing, it’s not a team sport so there are no individual player markets to take advantage of.

However, it is a popular option for the online gaming community simply because it is such a well loved sport. There are a number of betting options within each game and if you look closely enough, there is plenty of value that can help you claim a healthy profit over the course of a tournament or a season.

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