Betting on Greyhound Racing

greyhoundracingThe Sport of Greyhound Racing is covered by virtually every bookmaker and while it may not have the depth of possibilities that horse racing provides, it is fast, fun and there are some serious profits to be made. So if you’re having a bet for the first time, where can you stake your money?

Back to Basics

With greyhound racing there aren’t too many variations on a simple theme and most punters will concentrate on the straight win market. Only six dogs are involved in any race so prices aren’t particularly high but there is plenty of opportunity for animals to get baulked and obstructed so it isn’t necessarily a case of the favourite always wins.

However, some greyhounds are hugely successful and they key is in a fast start. If they can get out of the traps early and stay out of trouble then they have a much better chance of getting past the post in first place.


As with horse racing, you can place an each way bet on the greyhounds so you would be looking forward to taking a smaller profit if your animal finishes in the top two. Similarly, some bookies will also offer place betting where you collect if the dog doesn’t win, but finishes second or possibly even in third place.

Placements are also to the fore in the forecast betting where you would typically have to predict which two dogs cross the line in first and second place. A forecast bet means that they have to finish in a precise order so you have to name the first and the second in that particular event.

Naturally, that’s quite a tough call to make but if it does come in then you can claim a really good profit. As a slightly easier alternative, you can claim a reverse forecast and in this instance, it doesn’t matter what order the animals cross the line in, they just have to finish in the top two.

Another variation on the numbers game is to take a trio bet and as the name suggests, this involves picking out three dogs. You can place these in the exact order – 1, 2, 3, or once again, you can stake so that they come in, in any order as long as no-one finishes outside of the top three.


Greyhound racing strategy varies from bettor to bettor and many serious punters won’t gamble on a race unless they can be at the track or at least analyse it on TV so that they can take a look at the dogs involved.

However, perhaps this is the sport with the least mystery attached to it and if you agree with that theory, races can be relatively easy to make money on, at least when compared to other events.

It really is all about pure speed and who can stay out of trouble so be sure to study as much form as possible because your research could lead to some regular and attractive profits from the dog track.

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