Betting on Darts

dartsThe rise in live televised sports has taken darts out of the bars and into our homes, making it hugely popular with the viewing public. At the same time, clever marketing has turned tournaments into fun events that can now be enjoyed by everyone and this, in turn, has led to greater interest from a betting point of view.


Unlike some other sports, there are little side issues in darts that provide one of the widest ranges of markets around. Naturally it’s all about hitting those doubles and winning the game but the betting fraternity can speculate on who will have the highest average or hit the most 180s.

Shocks do still happen in this sport but they are fairly rare so the straight result price is only occasionally upset when the top darters are involved. Players such as Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen are expected to breeze through their opening rounds so you can make things more interesting by applying the handicap.

Here, you can give the weaker player a lead in terms of legs or sets and that will lengthen the price for the stronger man. The straight result market is still popular however, particularly with multiple bets such as doubles, trebles and beyond.

Side Betting

As we’ve seen, there are a number of opportunities for side bets with darts but not all bookmakers embrace them so if you are keen on the sport, you need to choose your provider wisely. 180s are the key to an entertaining game and you can bet on the number of these during a match but there are alternatives surrounding the maximum score.

You can, for example, stake on when the first 180 will appear and whether it will come in the very first leg. You can also bet on which player will hit the first maximum and which of the darters will hit this figure most times in a match.


If a player is in form and keeps hitting that 180 mark, it could lead to a 9 dart finish which is the least number of throws it would take to close out a leg. These used to be extremely rare but as the play gets better, they have become a little more frequent although you can still get good odds here at around the 30/1 mark as an average.

A small number of outlets will also let you bet on the very first dart of the match – will it be a treble 20, single 20 or anything else?

Additional possibilities from a darts betting point of view include the correct score in any game – legs and sets – and of course, you can bet ahead of each tournament. With the rise of players such as Michael Van Gerwen, Phil Taylor’s monopoly on the sport is waning and the pre-tournament betting markets become much more interesting as a result.

Darts matches have so many permutations and that’s why it’s a great sport from a betting point of view. Look out too for some generous offers as the bookmakers continue to promote these events.

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