Betting on American Football

There was a time when American Football’s popularity was restricted to its own continent but the explosion of live, televised sport has changed all that. The individual games in the NFL are watched across the globe and in turn, that has led to a rise in betting on those matches and on the season as a whole.

Alongside the excitement of the NFL, College Football is also quoted by many bookmakers but what markets are available and how do you get involved?

Choosing Your Options

NFLFortunately, it’s not hard to find a bookmaker these days and although this may have been a fairly restricted sport some 15 years ago, all the providers have jumped on its popularity. If you are choosing a bookie from American football betting sites, you may want to look at one which offers a number of promotions around the regular season – North American outlets such as BetOnline are good at this while others such as 888sport are also quick to get involved.

Having found a bookmaker, the obvious place to start as far as betting is concerned is in the straight result market. Here, you can bet on a win for either team and although draws are rare, they can happen in regular time and will attract some high prices.

Side Bets

Additional bets aren’t quite as comprehensive as they may be in other sports and in particular, some punters may look for individual player betting that simply doesn’t exist. First touchdown markets will usually appear in the big games such as the Super Bowl but this type of individual player bet is certainly not as common as it is in other sports such as soccer.

Anyone who has watched the NFL will realise that the followers are very impressed by stats and that is backed up by the choice of markets that are on offer. Typical choices would include, the total number of points in each quarter, half, or completed game and what the eventual winning margin might be.

Spread betting is also popular where American football is concerned and the amount of points available in games makes this a perfect fit for the sport.

Season Long Bets

Of course, you can bet on the destination of the season’s Super Bowl before the first ball has even been kicked but there are some additional, long term markets. Some, but not all bookmakers will quote prices for the first / next coach to be sacked alongside a set of options for the MVP – most valuable player.

Coming back to the Super Bowl and you can also speculate on the names of the two finalists and whether the winner will be from the AFC or the NFC conference.

Whenever a sport becomes popular in terms of a live or TV audience, betting markets will also develop at the same time. American Football is a perfect example of that and now that it has exploded out of the US into a global market, there are some great opportunities to make a healthy profit with the online bookmakers.

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