Betolimp Offering 5% Cashback on Ongoing Deposits

As part of their deals for ongoing customers, new bookie Betolimp are offering a generous cashback deal on extra deposits. We’re used to seeing casinos listing this type of reload deal but it’s rare to see a sportsbook following suit so how does it all work?

Firstly, it’s important to note that this promo is a little complicated so you should really check all the terms and conditions in our Betolimp review page. The first important point to remember however is that in order to qualify, your account balance must be zero and you can have no outstanding bets.

Betolimp quote an example of how cashback works on their site so it’s worth quoting here. Let’s say you have zero funds in your account, all bets have been settled and you want to credit a further 100 Euros.

Later, when all bets are settled you withdraw 50 Euros and your account is back to zero again. Betolimp will then reward you with a 5% bonus on that 50 Euro figure. This can be used to stake on the markets or you can simply withdraw it and play with it how you wish.

Check the remaining points but we’ve covered the two most important things to remember which are:

  • Your account must be at zero and all bets settled for you to qualify for this betting bonus offer.
  • Any subsequent cashback is awarded on the amount you withdraw and not the amount that you deposit.

While it’s important to remember that, any additional funding is welcome and this is just part of a number of good deals at Betolimp. Check them out and get involved with a 5% cashback that could help you win some additional profits.

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