30 Minute Limit Promotion at Betfred

Betfred is offering its players the chance to enjoy a promotion which only takes 30 minutes to win. With this promotion you can end up being a winner after a half an hour no matter who scores or even who wins.

This 30 Minute Limit promotion is a brand new football coupon which will offer you rewards when you predict which of the matches will have a goal within the first 30 minutes. Choosing anywhere from 3 to 15 matches correctly will give you fixed odds from 4/1 to 3000/1. This is one promotion you won’t want to miss out on.

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The matches included in this promotion are for either team to get a goal within the first half an hour and this covers from the first minute up until the 30th minute. Should your selections contain a match which has been abandoned then your bet will end up being settled for the odds available for the number of selections remaining. When you are participating in this 30 Minute Limit promotion all other usual terms and conditions at Betfred also apply. One of the many reasons this promotion is one many players get extra excited about is the fact that they can win in just a half hour!

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