Betfair Pays Cashback on Your Commission

Why not finish this month with a big splash promotion on cashback for sport betting! Only this month Betfair is giving you the unique opportunity to win cashback on your sports bets.

Promotional period is until 28/02/2011.

Details are as follows: You need to opt-in first with the bonus code CASHBACK1 in order to take part. Then you have to collect at least 1000 Betfair Points in the sporting exchange and, based on your Betfair Points earned, you are eligible for a return on the commission you paid. The more points you earn, the bigger cashback you receive. 1000-4999 Betfair Points earned will be rewarded with a £0.01 per point moneyback; 5000-9999 points with £0.015 per point; and 10,000+ points with a £0.02 for a point ratio.

Once again we did the math for you, and found that you need to pay £100, £500 or £1000 comission to reach these limits. Once that is done, the promo translates to a 10%, 15% or 20% cashback, respectively. You can see that as usual, any real benefit is for the more serious players and the promotion is running for a limited time only, but lets hope more to come.

This promotion is offered for the first time to customers of Betfair, and as such it may indicate a contention for betting exchange bettors. Might very well be an answer to the competitor Betdaqs last month promo of lowered commission as well, on which we also reported here. Anyways, no matter back or lay, this is the chance to take advantage of the situation and get back a part of the commission paid!

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