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The Oscars, taking place on the 27th of February, undoubtedly are the most prestigious awards ceremony of the year, hence why they always come last. In a way it is like saying, ok, we let the kids play for a while but now the grownups will really show you what is actually what!

With 10 nominees for the Best Picture Oscar, it is going to be a hard fight. Especially between The King’s Speech that has 12 nominations, True Grit with 10 and The Social Network with eight. Unibet still thinks that The Social Network is the favourite to win at 1.50, but The King’s Speech is right behind at 2.45.

On the other hand, when speculating for the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards, the story seems to be a lot more straightforward. Colin Firth’s king who can’t talk very well, priced by Unibet at 1.05, seems to be as good as certain to win him the award. Likewise, Christian Bale’s drug-addicted brother also seems to have a lock on the Best Supporting Actor award and is priced by Unibet at 1.15.

“So many great films this year which means that the Best Picture Oscar will truly be a neck-to-neck race” says Erik Backlund, Head of Unibet’s Sportsbook. “It will also be quite exciting to follow the Best Actress category and see which Golden Globe winner will prevail as both Natalie Portman, priced by Unibet at 1.15, and Annette Bening at 5.00, won a Golden Globe for best actress 10 days ago!”

A slight controversy that the director of Inception, Chris Nolan, was not nominated for best-director makes the award for Original Screenplay another one to watch. The King’s Speech is leading the way at 1.30 to win, but Inception is right behind at 3.25.

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