2014 World Cup Stadiums – part 2

2014 World Cup Stadiums – part 1
2014 World Cup Stadiums – part 3

Arena da Baixada (Curitiba)

The stadium owned by the Atlético Paranaense will celebrate its 100th anniversary in the year of the World Cup, and we can say with perfect confidence that there can’t be a more wonderful centenary for an arena than to host a World Cup. The stadium with 41.456 capacity was refurbished in 1999 for the last time, and back then it was considered to be the country’s most superior arena – so it was unquestionable that it will be a host for next year’s tournament.

Arena da Baixada

Estadio Castelao (Fortaleza)

The stadium originally built in 1973 has been completely renovated for the World Cup and it was inaugurated at the end of 2012. The refurbished arena provides 64.846 seats for visitors. During the Confederations Cup it will host the Brazil – Mexico match and one semi-final, too. During the World Cup the home team will play its second group match here, then following the group-stage games the stadium will host a Round-of-16 tie as well as a quarter-final.

Estadio Castelao

Arena da Amazônia (Manaus)

Manaus, nestling close to the rainforests of Amazonia, receives a completely new stadium for the World Cup. The arena has taken the shape of a straw basket, as a reference to local customs. In this region special attention is paid to the environment, which means that they will use collected rainwater for watering the football ground as well as in toilets, and they will save more energy with the use of solar cells. The stadium will host four group-stage games and can accommodate 42.377 people, and later will be used for organizing concerts and other cultural events.

Arena da Amazônia

Arena das Dunas (Natal)

Similarly to the Arena Amazonia, they are building a new stadium in Natal from top to bottom in the place of old, outmoded football grounds. The name of the stadium refers to the region’s well-known natural phenomena, the sand dune, and the structure’s wave-like shape also reminds visitors of this natural attraction. The inauguration is planned to take place at the end of 2013; after that the stadium will be able to accommodate 42.086 spectators.

Arena das Duna

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