10 Things You Don’t Know About Poker Bonuses

If you’re new to the world of poker bonuses, here are ten things you may not have been aware of…

  • 1 They’re probably more lucrative than you thought.
    Poker bonuses are far larger than most bonuses available in other areas of gambling. This is because the industry is so competitive and so many players play for such big stakes – so the sites know they have to make the welcome bonus significant.
  • 2 The best ones come with additional bonuses.
    The best welcome bonuses out there should also come with additional bonuses. Features like new depositors’ free games and bonuses can potentially add a lot of value to the initial welcome bonus.
  • 3 You always need the code.
    Always remember to use the right bonus code when one is required. Without it, your bonus may not be as generous as it could be, so you’re literally throwing cash away; check out this free poker bonus online, for example.
  • 4 They can change your life completely.
    Poker welcome bonuses let you try something completely new for free or for very little cash down. You may find that this pastime changes your life completely – whether for better or worse. So beware and only ever gamble with what you can comfortably afford to lose.
  • 5 Focussing on not losing before winning makes you a better player.
    Minimising your downside at poker, using your poker bonus as a testing ground, and learning not to lose before you think about the upside is likely to make you a better player in the long run. Ultimately, poker is a game of probabilities combined with strategy. Having a consistent strategy and focussing on your process rather than continually anticipating the end result should help enormously.
  • 6 Percentage players do better in the long term.
    Similar to number five – it’s true to say that percentage players almost always do better in the long term. So do all you can to stack the odds in your favour and have a strategy you stick to.
  • 7 They aren’t only for new players.
    Poker bonuses usually come in two basic forms; initial sign up bonuses and “reload” bonuses. Initial bonuses are one-off welcome bonuses for new account holders whilst online poker sites also reward players with existing accounts.
  • 8 The absolute biggest may not always be the best.
    Don’t necessarily be swayed by the amount cash on offer only. There are many different features to different bonuses with different poker sites. So always have a look at the bonuses, the potential winnings on offer, the popularity of the sites and any terms and conditions.
  • 9 Understanding how bonuses work is vital.
    Similar to eight – always understand any strings attached and check out any special bonus features.
  • 10 You don’t need luck to win, you need bonuses and strategy.
    Although poker is mainly a game of probability, those players suited to it who follow a coherent strategy win out over time. To find out if you’ve got what it takes, play with “their” money only first. If you haven’t got “it” then walk away safe in the knowledge that you’ve lost either nothing or a very small amount only.
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